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Comments (6)
Jerri Kohl - 09/07/2019
The APX ad doesn't have any mention of Excalibur.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 24/07/2018
Basically, this is Dragon Force on the Atari 8-bit. If that makes any sense to you, then you'll understand how everything works. It's a very in-depth strategy game with many elements including domestic politics and real-time battles. I'd like to see a full reissue of this title, including the paperback book that accompanied the original release.
rave.N - 15/07/2015
I show this program requires XL/XE and can misleadingly seem to begin working if booted in OS/B. That beautiful screenshot you see there is part of an awesome animation which you don't see at all one bit when loading with OS/B.
J.P Marques - 22/01/2012
Can anyone tell me how to save a game during gameplay, please?(2)
A Schneider - 09/04/2011
Can anyone tell me how to save a game during gameplay, please?
jerrykurtz - 20/08/2006
Chris Crawford briefly talks about this game in the Computer Chronicles. Viewable at:



Excalibur atari screenshot
Excalibur atari screenshot
Excalibur atari screenshot
Excalibur atari screenshot
Excalibur atari screenshot
Excalibur atari screenshot


GenreStrategy - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAPX

Crawford, Chris / Summers, Larry
Atkinson, Valerie

Graphic Artist(s)

Crawford, Chris / Summers, Larry
Atkinson, Valerie

Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[n/a]Serial20235
Dumpdownload atari Excalibur Download

Additional Comments

Updated on December 12th, 2022. Added pre-release "V0.0" obtained through former head of APX Fred Thorlin and John Hardie. Unlike other titles, there is no DISKNAME.DAT file on the disk but the label dates the program to July 1st, 1983 (see picture), which was the submission deadline (after the team failed to hand out the game on March 1st and April 1st). Another disk, which we will refer to as "V0.9", was archived by author Chris Crawford and is from July 29th, 1983, the day that was set for delivery of the final code. Note that the common commercial edition (V1.0) is from November 2nd, 1983. The last disk, V1.2, also preserved by Chris Crawford, is undated and likely fixes a few bugs. It appears to have never seen an official release. No intermediate V1.1 has been found yet.

Known versions:
(+) 0.0
(+) 0.9
(*) 1.0
(-) 1.1
(+) 1.2

(+) original disk
(*) cracked disk
(-) missing entirely

Missing original disk images (all versions)!


Excalibur Atari disk scan



Excalibur Atari ad



Book / Magazine Reviews

 The Book of Atari Software · 1984Rating: A 

The brightly glowing sword rising slowly out of the water on the title page sets the scene for the adventure-war game Excalibur. It transports you back to the days of Arthurian legend and the small kingdom called Camelot. Here Arthur forged a new kingdom with the aid of Merlin the magician and the prowess of the knights of the Round Table.
Chris Crawford and his staff of programmers... [more]

 Electronic Games · January, 1984

"It's good to be King" - at least, according to Mel Brooks in "History of the World - Part I". But in the good old days of swords and chivalry, sovereignty meant more than just banquets, royal weddings and pressing the flesh with the simple folk.

King Arthur's job was among the hardest of them all: to unite and bring peace to the warring factions of Britain, uphold and defend the high... [more]

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