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rave.N - 26/07/2015
Enchanter is my favorite Infocom game, it's got a dungeons & dragons theme. ("Starcross" is my fav sci-fi Infocom) Enchanter stands alone as a story without sequels or prequels and unlike most Infocom games this one can be solved without documentation nor written codes used for copy protection (Starcross needs codes for radar coordinates).

Enchanter is poetic and though a text based game, the ads here describe its quality of prose as being "graphic".
There's a senile old Wizard who mumbles spells all starting with letter F, and clues come to you in your dreams.

Infocom, for those of you born yesterday, was the king of text based games without equal. Their game engine was developed by serious scientists, the command line is a real life language Parser able to take input written in every day English more so than other text games.

Infocom made their games for multiple platforms so they're not at all unique to Atari but I'm liking Atari 800 more every day. High speed emulation on PowerPC rulez!


Enchanter atari screenshot
Enchanter atari screenshot


GenreAdventure - TextYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherInfocom

Blank, Marc

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Enchanter Atari disk scan Enchanter Atari disk scan Enchanter Atari disk scan Enchanter Atari disk scan


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Enchanter Atari catalog Enchanter Atari catalog Enchanter Atari catalog Enchanter Atari catalog

Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Games · May, 1984

Enchanter begins the second sword-and-sorcery trilogy from Infocom, the company whose name is synonymous with high-quality text adventures. Unofficially dubbed "Zork IV," Enchanter owes a lot to its legendary predecessor, both in authorship (Zork creators Marc Blank and Dave Lebling collaborated on this effort) and in genre (the full-text fantasy uses the Interlogic prose, making the computer... [more]

 Electronic Fun · February, 1984Rating: 4/4 

One of the more amazing things about Enchanter is the graphics. They are cinemascopic, stereophonic, technicolor graphics of the most surreal variety. The dark and ominous castle, the acrid smoke hanging in all the rooms, the blood-stained altar. Gruesome. Gruesome and incredible. And the most amazing thing about the graphics is, there are no graphics. Enchanter is an all-text adventure game but... [more]

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