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Peter Martin - 27/06/2011
Thanks for the nice comments, this game took about 6 months to programme and used all the 64 kb memory the C64 had, room was so thight the loader had to be placed in the screen buffer to get it all to load. It was coded in 100% assembler. The data used was current for the time. There were plans to update this at a later date, but these were never followed up on.
Paul - 04/06/2009
The Double on the C64 was addictive. I was still playing it 12 years after its release. What made it so addictive? Well, it was a tough game to succeed in because you bought and sold players without the aid of countless stats to help guide you on who was good or who was poor. You had a primitive scouting system that allowed you to get a brief written overview (but no stats) on what a players general strengths and weaknesses were, but the only way to truly find out if that player coming up for sale was any good or not was to go and watch him play - just like in real life. You based your descions on what you could see happening out on the pitch, and not from an endless list of statistics and attributes handed to you on a plate (like in todays footy sims). Naturally it took a long time to build a decent squad, sometimes a few seasons. So patience and long-term planning were paramount in this game. It was way ahead of anything else in terms of realism and still to this day, 23 years later, it still has something the modern footy management games lack - a true "tough" challenge.
Ben Ashelford - 21/03/2006
for the system that it was created on this game is quite simply the greatest of it's time, the spectrum being the best......i challenge someone to re-make this game, it shouldn't take to much memory, add a league cup and european competition but make sure you know something about football, the worst football games are the ones made by geeks that know nothing about the game


GenreSports - SoccerYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherJohnson Scanatron Ltd.
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Martin, Peter C.

Graphic Artist(s)




Cover Artist(s)-Serial-

Additional Comments

Natively a Commodore 64 game, The Double was also ported to other 6502-based computers, as confirmed by the author. While the company ad mentions the availability of an Atari version, it is still unknown whether the program was actually released on the platform.

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