Cops'n Robbers

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Baz - 30/09/2013
1988 was a depressing year as it became ever harder to find Atari games and that sad slow realisation that it had had it's day as a commercial concern, so getting any new games was almost like a miracle. So it was I acquired this one and was horrified by it's blocky graphics for such a late entry, but I recall this being a surprisingly fun game to play so it was acceptable.
LS - 30/08/2009
Blocky graphics are not the best in the world, true, but other than that I remember this game being addictive, and quite challenging.
The Targ of Utarg - 23/10/2007
I remember being quite fond of this game and it was one of the first I fired up after digging my old XL out of the attic. Despite the original poor review posted here; its actually not that bad a game. You run around picking up diamonds, trying to shoot (or avoid..) ghosts and police whilst attempting to find the code for the safe
-sounds inane but its actually quite addictive and I was easily able to wile an hour away playing it.
However getting through the annoying intermittent lasers to gain the code did test the patience and I gave up my fond reminiscing after that. Despite that it's not a bad effort and certainly one of the better Atlantis Software offerings.
Jonny EOL - 11/11/2006
This was the game that had you shooting policemen and performing jail breaks long before anyone had heard of Grand Theft Auto. Sadly, that's where the similarities end - a simple but frustrating top-down 'arcade adventure' with blocky graphics and a childish feel - not that you'd want kids to be playing this.


Cops'n Robbers atari screenshot
Cops'n Robbers atari screenshot
Cops'n Robbers atari screenshot


GenreArcade - MiscellaneousYear1988
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtlantis Software
Players1CountryUnited Kingdom

Leck, Simon

Graphic Artist(s)MediumTape
Cover Artist(s)SerialAT806
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Cops'n Robbers Atari tape scan Cops'n Robbers Atari tape scan


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Book / Magazine Reviews

 Atari User · July, 1988Rating: 2 / 10 

In Cops'n Robbers from Atlantis you play the part of the infamous jewel thief Fingers Lonegan who is about to break into the Acme Diamond Company and steal all the uncut diamonds which are lying around. There is also an abundant supply in the mine, which is rumoured to be haunted by ghosts. Your problems start when you set off a burglar alarm which brings the police on to the scene... [more]

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