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Comments (2)
Muffy St. Bernard - 03/05/2012
Not bad...scoot around the grid shooting contagious blobs before they spread, while avoiding small enemies which wrap around the grid lines. The control scheme is a bit awkward, the way you quickly zip between intersections but sort of get locked at the crossroads.
Avram - 21/04/2004
For a first time game, it's a lot of fun. Nice graphics too.


Contagion atari screenshot
Contagion atari screenshot
Contagion atari screenshot
Contagion atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1990
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAtari UK
PlayersCountryUnited Kingdom

McManus, John

Graphic Artist(s)

Goss, Steve


Learwood, Kevin

Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Additional Comments

'Contagion was developed for Atari UK as a cassette based game for Europe only. Although finished, it was not published as Atari decided to cancel the entire 8-bit computer line before production of the cassette…'

'...Anyway I had some chums who had 8-bit machines, Kevin and John, and we talked the talk about making games, but we never walked the walk. Then one day our talk turned to action! I have no idea why we became galvanized into action, but we started making a game, just for fun and we called our baby Contagion. I have no idea how it started, how the idea came about, I think we were abandoning a demo idea - longest 8-bit text scroller or the like - and we fell into making a game. And then somehow I wound up in the foyer of Atari UK with a demo disk of Contagion and some screen mockups of Z-Force. I walked out of Atari with a truly pathetic contract to develop two games for them - but it was our break!'

'We feverishly finished Contagion and got paid, we worked hard on Z-Force, and as luck would have it, we bumped into some other wannabe developers who were working for a POS merchandising company - well one fella really - Tony King (where are you now I wonder). And then I found myself in the offices of System 3 Software pitching for the Last Ninja II development contract – which we got, and then failed to produce! We had a one screen demo but, by then, Harlequin was taking over our lives and its chaos consumed us all!'

Screenshots, information and software provided with kind permission of Stephen Goss.

Short addition: the game was also offered as a disk bonus by New Atari User.
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