Cavern of Death (The)

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Andreas Koch - 10/12/2017
The games has a built-in cheat: Press the HELP key right before or after you press Start and the game can be played without monsters and traps. Now the game is much easier, but still quite boring...
Andreas Koch - 12/04/2010
Yes, fully correct. You have to collect the letters that make the word "CAVERN" and you have to collect them in the right order. Alas, while doing so you are dying very often, since its too difficult to jump over the monsters at the right time - maybe one should remove the monsters...

This is one of the typical C.Reitz games (or better type-in listings) where the gfx is good or okayish but the gameplay is quite awful or painful. This is also true for most of his other programs where you die very often, e.g. Grisu (the small dragon), Kampfstern Galaktika (Battlestar Galactica), Die Mission (The Mission) and other titles.

The music is also lame / much too slow in most of his programs, especially if you know the original title it should represent (e.g. Get into the Groove by Madonna, Cherish by Kool and the Gang, etc.). But on the other hand all of his A8 programs were type-in listings, so one should not expect too much...
Muffy St. Bernard - 11/04/2010
I believe you have to collect the letters in the word "CAVERN," while wandering around a maze and jumping over monsters. The top display shows a side view of your little person, and the bottom display shows an overhead view in which -- for some reason -- you're a butterfly.

The monsters are small squares and best jumped over while looking at the lower display. To pick up a letter, press SPACE. The other objects in the maze are NOT swords, they are ARROWS pointing up and down to represent the MINUS key to climb down and the EQUALS key to climb up.

The problem is that it's so easy to die. You don't have additional lives, and each time you die you have to return to the slow title screen (and look at those dripping letters of DEATH!), start the game again at the beginning, and press the S key to stop the music.


Cavern of Death (The) atari screenshot
Cavern of Death (The) atari screenshot


GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher

Reitz, Carsten

Graphic Artist(s)Medium  
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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