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Daniel Thomas MacInnes - 09/05/2011
Castle Wolfenstein is just about the best game ever made for the Atari 800, but I do wish it had the color graphics from the IBM PC version, instead of the b/w look. Also, bumping into things shouldn't cause massive seizures. Should an epileptic be sent on dangerous spy missions? Is that really a good plan? - 13/08/2010
I could never figure this game out, can anyone provide some hints on what to do? Should the entire screen flash when you touch a wall or chest?
Kevin - 15/03/2010
This game is great, and is still fun to play. My crowning achievement in video games was beating this when i was 11 years old after hours and hours...i still have the Polaroid my dad took of my next to the TV smiling with the ending screen!! LOVE IT
Crash0 - 16/03/2009
I just hooked my Atari 130xe I almost forgot how much I loved this game. It is a true classic, and still one of the hardest games I have ever played. The sequel is great too.
Dominic Trill - 29/10/2005
Just re-aquired this game,unfortunately time has taken its toll as i don't remember it being this bad!!!Still,it was 1982/3,and is still a peice of Atari history...P.S. the sequel isn't much of an improvement,sorry!


Castle Wolfenstein atari screenshot
Castle Wolfenstein atari screenshot
Castle Wolfenstein atari screenshot


GenreAdventure / Arcade - 2-DYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMUSE Software
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDeveloper

Warner, Silas S.

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)Serial
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Castle Wolfenstein Atari disk scan Castle Wolfenstein Atari disk scan



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