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Atari A to Z (Pete Davison) - 16/07/2022
This unusual little racer eschews the usual timers-and-checkpoints structure in favour of an endurance race against 80 opponents. Can you make it to the frontrunners before they cross the line? And when you've done that, can you get away without another initial-entering mishap?! Let's Play!
Thomas Cherryhomes - 08/02/2021
This game is simply not possible to traverse past 9th place and get on the scoreboard... I'm suspicious...
Greenchili - 29/08/2016
@Raven... You sound like me.. I used to add reset vectors to a lot of binaries that were not reset proof all the time.. LOL
rave.N - 03/12/2015
As long as we're missing the original software scans, this file version here now 14336 bytes was tampered with by somebody in the past. They mainly removed a title screen saying BAJA BUGGIES in red, (C) 1982 in black, and GAMESTAR INC blue. This screen data is still in the file, screen display instruction was removed. He/she also changed the start pointer to open on the high score list, mimicking the cassette version, but I probably wouldn't bother writing this comment if he/she hadn't also destroyed the Reset Vector when editing. This file crashes on reset but a good cracked version Resets ok.

So there you have it, another peeve concerning A8 software - crashing when pressing Reset button. Many "cracked" versions of any title neglect emulating behavior of original commercial releases. I find it easy to add Reset trapping onto files that lack it. It can't be done if the original author didn't design reset handling, but if the vector got lost in the crack process, it's a cinch to correct. My file versions of Adept Archon II and Nadral were missing Reset handling, and I fixed them both up.
rave.N - 01/12/2015
File version here at 14336 bytes in length, has a corruption. The final 243 bytes are appended garbage that should be removed, resulting in a 14093 byte file. SEE Lebeau's "Gauntlet" having the black sky and pink - purple terrain, for more details.
Geoman - 03/11/2011
One of my favorite racing games back then! - 19/07/2010
A bit easy on Amateur but a good challenge on Pro... overtake by hanging over the edge of the track... not as much fun as Pole Position but that was always too easy as you could stay in the middle of the track!
Jim Kuchera - 30/12/2006
This simple little racing game is very straight forward, and much fun to play. The graphics are block graphics, and the little red dashes indicating roadway are really primitive. But this is the kind of game little tykes love to play with one another. And play they will! This is a hard one to drop. I like it certainly as much as Pole Position. It's the same premise.


GenreRacing - CarsYear1982
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSoftsmith
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Ugrin, Dan

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Disk


Cover Artist(s)[n/a]SerialG1053

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Missing original disk image!

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 Electronic Fun · May, 1983Rating: 3 / 4 

You're in a jen-you-wine two-tone green metal-flake dune buggy with a pair of monstro sand haulers in the back and some smaller knobbies up front. You're racing across the Baja desert against a pack of 80 other good old boys and girls.
Right away when you boot up Baja Buggies, it appeals to you with some spiffy 3-D visuals. The tires spin and the craggy mountain range in the distance... [more]

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