Archon II - Adept

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JT - 19/04/2022
This could have been a great game. It is, at its core. But somewhere along the way, the three leads seemed to derail and forgot that you can't just have the computer use everything it "knows", along with its superhuman response time not to mention full control of the game world itself, and still have anything resembling a fun solo human play experience. The computer opponents in this game are simply made to react and play as infinitely fast and mistake-free as they can be, against fallible (and in most cases, beginner-level) human opponents with human reflexes. In other words, there *is* no real one-player game here...every "battle" against the computer is a ridiculous idiotic wash, unless the player tries to think of minor exploits and cheese rather than improving their fundamental skills...a waste of time however one looks at it. I never quite understood what brain burp happened to these developers in making this sequel, but its popularity is very deservedly a sliver compared to the original Archon and I think it represented the initial death knell for Free Fall Associates (the later Archon Ultra was astonishingly even worse). For two players, this game is redeemable, but otherwise it was a fail.
Tuda - 25/12/2019
Anyone knows keyboard controls?
Chris Carman - 01/08/2009
Tough game! Not as much fun as Archon, but definitely more challenging and with a greater variety of characters. The best way to beat the computer is to build up a super-wraith by sucking up all the life of gradually larger enemies, and then finally take out all the Adepts until it causes the Apocalypse, where your castles fight (which I always thought was pretty cool). Fun game!
Brew - 12/01/2009
Archon II, Adept. One of the most amazing feats of the 8 bit era. Imagine chess, mixed with monopoly, with the intense arcade action of pacman, then spice it up with fantasy and magic and you have this amazing piece of software. Arizona for Archon II !!!
kris - 10/11/2007
I think I beat the computer once by accident somehow but could never repeat it. It really wasn't fair because he could always see your invisible wraiths - what crap! I prefer Archon I to this one.
Andreas Koch - 23/07/2007
Well, I love Archon and have played it hundreds of times. But Archon 2 is heavy - has anyone finished (won against) the computer ?!? Me: Never !! So until now, the computer in Archon 2 seems unbeatable to me...


Archon II - Adept atari screenshot
Archon II - Adept atari screenshot
Archon II - Adept atari screenshot
Archon II - Adept atari screenshot
Archon II - Adept atari screenshot
Archon II - Adept atari screenshot


GenreBoard Game - MiscellaneousYear1986
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherAriolasoft (UK)
ControlsJoystickDeveloperFree Fall Associates
Players1, 1 vs. 2, DemoCountryUnited Kingdom

Westfall, Anne / Freeman, Jon
Reiche, Paul

Graphic Artist(s)Medium Disk
Cover Artist(s)SerialAS45022
Dumpdownload atari Archon II - Adept Download

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Electronic Arts, Ariolasoft (Germany).

Many thanks to Bernhard for scanning the box!


Archon II - Adept Atari disk scan Archon II - Adept Atari disk scan
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