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Shawdawg - 30/05/2018
Fun game, and one interesting tidbit in 80's movie history, this is the game Wormser was playing in Revenge of the Nerds when they were doing the rollcall in the gym.
sparkle - 02/09/2015
another "Star Castle" inspired shooter, which is a good thing. Think "Star Island" and "Yars' Revenge", but this Alpha Shield is much more varied in how difficulty increases. Top notch arcade sound fx. Author "David Lubar" did great things: Hacker, Master Of The Lamps, Ultima IV, Alpha Shield, and more. This one's a cartridge!
Paul Westphal - 02/01/2013
Not a bad game per se, but it DOES have some trippy sound effects. Give it a try.


Alpha Shield atari screenshot
Alpha Shield atari screenshot


GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1983
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherSirius Software
ControlsJoystickDeveloperSirius Software
Players1, DemoCountryUSA

Lubar, David / McWilliams, Tom

Graphic Artist(s)


Medium Cartridge


Cover Artist(s)Dowlant, JamesSerial33022
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Alpha Shield Atari cartridge scan Alpha Shield Atari cartridge scan


Alpha Shield Atari instructions Alpha Shield Atari instructions Alpha Shield Atari instructions Alpha Shield Atari instructions Alpha Shield Atari instructions Alpha Shield Atari instructions


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Book / Magazine Reviews

 Electronic Fun · October, 1983Rating: 2 / 4 

When I first bought my Atari 800 computer, I looked forward to playing all those great games I could never play on my Atari 2600. Unfortunately, it seems that those games for the 2600 have come back to haunt me. While Alpha Shield is decent, it would fare much better on the 2600 where such games are really needed.
The object of Alpha Shield is to destroy Alpherian Military... [more]

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