1.13) Who designed the Atari 8-bit computers?

Credit for providing some of this information for the FAQ goes to:
Doug Neubauer (by way of James Finnegan), Jerry Jessop, Scott Emmons

The following are most of the team who designed the 400/800 system:

Steven T. Mayer     - early system design, overall plan
Joseph C. Decuir    - ANTIC logic desgin, early system design, overall plan
Jay G. Miner        - System architect, VLSI manager, overall plan
Douglas G. Neubauer - POKEY logic design
George McLeod       - CTIA/GTIA logic design
Ronald E. Milner    - early system design
Francois Michel     - ANTIC design
Mark Shieu          - POKEY chip design
Steve Stone         - POKEY layout design
Steve Smith         - Technician for ANTIC and GTIA
Delwin Pearson      - Technician for POKEY
Kevin McKinsey      - 400/800 case design

At the time, many of the above were part of Atari&#146s Cyan Engineering group at
the Grass Valley Research Center, the Atari research and development
laboratory located in the City of Grass Valley, California, USA.

According to Atari Explorer magazine, the 130XE was engineered by Jose Valdes.

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