3.1.3) What speed upgrades are there for Atari program recorders?

Numerous methods were created for upgrading the (painfully) slow data
transmission speed of the Atari program recorders.  Most of these originated
in regions of the world where program recorders were normally used with the
Atari rather than (extremely expensive) disk drives.

- CASA Turbo Tape, by CASA (Dutch) (1985)
   o Purely software
- Rambit TurboCharger (1986?)
   o From the UK
   o For: 410, 1010, XC11, Phonemark, XC12
   o Circuit board + conversion utility program on cassette. 
     The software is used to convert standard Atari data cassettes to Rambit
     format cassettes.
   o 3300-3600 bit/s achieved
   o Review (Nov/Dec86): http://www.page6.org/archive/issue_24/page_30.htm
- Turbo 2000, by Jiri Richter (RICO or JRC; Czechoslovakia)
   o Project published in Zpravodaj Atari Klubu -- priloha 11/1987
     See: http://blog.3b2.sk/igi/file.axd?file=2013%2f12%2fTurbo+2000.pdf
   o Software + modification project for XC12
   o Transfer rates flexible; later standardized to 2270 baud
   o Software: Super Turbo cartridge software by RICO (1988)
   o Released later: TT-DOS, a DOS 2.5 clone with high speed tape handler, B:
      o TT-DOS 1.1 (c) 1989 JR Computing (JRC)
      o TT-DOS 1.2 (c) 1989 JR Computing
      o TT-DOS 1.5 (c) 1991 JR Computing
   o Released separately (West Germany): B-TAPE high speed system by Jiri
     Bernasek (BEWESOFT) for use with BW-DOS or SpartaDOS
   o Released separately (Poland): K.S.O. 2TO6 ("KSO Turbo 2000")
      - "Cassette Operating System" (L1, L2, WIELOBLOK) software by
        Wojciech Zabolotny
      - Published in the magazine IKS 11/1988 pages 4-6, with followup
        information published in the next issue 12/1988 page 14 and in
        01/1989 pages 28 and 31.
      - Reviewed in Bajtek 8/89 (compared with AST)
      - Separately: K.S.O. Turbo 2000 cartridge project for self assembly
   o Turbo 2000 format extensions (all from Poland):
      - Turbo 2000F+ or "New format"
      - Speedy 2007 or "*AJEK" (translates to "*Thanksgiving")
      - Turbo 2000F, by MUEL (1989)
         o 6700 baud.  Advertisement: Bajtek 8/1989 p26
      - Turbo 2001 (TOMS)
      - Turbo 2002
      - Turbo 2000 Plus
- Atari Super Turbo (AST) (late 1987)
   o Designed by Slawomir Nienaltowski (designer of the SN-360 disk drive),
     sold to Atari Studio (AS; later: Mirage)
   o The first Polish Turbo system
   o Programs stored with AST can be read by Turbo 2000.
   o Originally for the 1010, later released for XC12 and clones.
   o Reviewed in Bajtek 4/89
   o Later version(s) sold with software on cartridge: AST Turbo Cartridge
- Turbo 6000 / Schleife '88 (Loop'88)
   o From East Germany, for XC12
   o Chaos System: Turbo 6000 interface + software: Chaos Loader, Chaos Copy
   o 6000 baud
- Injector / Fast Injektor
   - Hardware (for the XL12) + software
   - Developed by Pedro P. Caraball Alvarez (Turbo Software, Argentina/Chile)
   - Version 1.0 05/09/88 for Turbo Software, published by M.P.M. S.A. (Chile)
   - Rights sold to Coelsa (official Atari importer in Chile) in 1990.  Coelsa
     would sell many XL12 units with the Fast Injektor preinstalled.
   - 4000 baud
   - http://www.retrogames.cl/injektor.html
- STAC / Super Turbo Auto Corrector
   - From Argentina by Jorge Cwik (ijor), 1988
   - Purely software, with error recovery
   - Available (sources): http://preview.tinyurl.com/ybrbt8qf
- SITRE/S.I.T.R.E./"Sistema Inteligente Turbo con Recuperacion de Errores"
   o From Chile by Victor Parada G. (++Vitoco)
   o Purely software.  Primarily a copying tool, but also turbo speed.
   o Version 1.01 March 1989 via SYFCOM, then VCC (Video Compu Club) for 800XL
   o Version 2.01 April 1989 for 130XE
   o Version 1.11 June 1989 (800XL, attempted support for longer programs)
   o Version 3.02 (2015, full support for XL/XE 64KiB to 320KiB)
   o Available: http://www.vitoco.cl/atari/sitre/
- Turbo 2600, by Zaklad Elektroniczny SZOK (Poland)
- Blizzard Turbo, by Atares  (Poland, 1989)
   - Software v1: Microloader, Turbo KOS, Short KOS, Looking
   - Software v2: KOS+, Blizzard Turbo, Blizzard Copy, 3 Microloaders
   - Available separately: BIG2 cartridge by KNS Corporation
- Turbo ROM, jointly developed by PLUS and MAPASOFT (Poland) (1991?)
   o Special software cartridge loader required to read such cassettes
   o Reviewed in Tajemnice_Atari 5/91
- Hard Turbo (Poland)
Most of the above upgrades are described in detail at:
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