8.16) What programs support Atari computer networking?

This section by Andreas Koch.

There are two different hardware add-ons which provide a "computer-
network" (two or more Ataris linked together). Thus, there is software
that supports either one or the other hardware (namely Gamelink-1 or
Gamelink-2). The following software supports the networking hardware:

- Gamelink-1 (by Dataque):
  - info-text about GL-1 and where to buy it, by Dataque;
  - Tic-Tac-Two by J.Potter/Dataque, a tic-tac-toe clone;
  - Modem-Battleships, patched by Rick Detlefsen for Gamelink-1;

- Gamelink-2 / Multilink (by Dataque & Bewesoft):
  - info-text about GL-2 and where to buy it, by Dataque;
  - info text about Maze of Agdagon demo, by Dataque;
  - Maze of Agdagon demo (1 player only) by Dataque;
  - documentation for Maze of Agdagon (full version) by Dataque;
  - Maze of Agdagon (full version, 2-8 players) by Dataque;
  - description of multilink/gamelink-2 hardware and schematics by
    Bewesoft (two texts, one in czech and one in english; schematics
    presented as an Atari Gr.8 picture for a) easy-2-computer hardware
    and b) more complicated 2-8 computer hardware);
  - Multi-Dash (2-8 players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - Multi-Race (2-16 players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - description of "how to program networking games for multilink
    [gamelink-2] hardware" (text available in english and czech, with
    lots of source codes and OS adresses/variables/...) by Bewesoft;
  - Multi-Worms (2-8 or 2-16? players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - complete + documented source code for Multi-Worms by Bewesoft;
  - "starter-kit" module to use in your own networking-games by Bewesoft
    (free use of this module is granted by Bewesoft/Jiri Bernasek);

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