8.12) What programs support Atari computer networking?

This section started by Andreas Koch.

There are two different hardware add-ons which provide a "computer-
network" (two or more Ataris linked together).  Thus, there is software
that supports either one or the other hardware (namely GameLink or
GameLink-II).  The following software supports the networking hardware:

- GameLink (by DataQue, 1990):
  - Computer Battleship, by John Babson and Bill Cleis,
    as patched by Rick Detlefsen for GameLink
  - Tic-Tac-Two (a tic-tac-toe clone) by DataQue, 1990

- GameLink-II (by DataQue, 1993) / Multilink (by Bewesoft):
  - Maze of Agdagon (full version, 2-8 players) by The AGDA Group, 1993
  - Multi-Dash (2-8 players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - Multi-Race (2-16 players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - Multi-Worms (2-8 or 2-16? players, XL/XE only) by Bewesoft;
  - "Starter-kit" module to use in your own networking-games by Bewesoft
    (free use of this module is granted by Bewesoft/Jiri Bernasek);
  - Speed-Up by Radek Sterba
  - Speed-Up Gold by Radek Sterba
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