8.5) What programs make use of the Light Gun or a light pen?

Bertrand M. (LEXX) writes:

- Bug Hunt cart. by Atari;
- Barnyard Blaster cart. by Atari;
- Crossbow cart. by Atari;
- Crimebuster cart. by Atari;
- Operation Blood disk by ANG/Mirage;
- Operation Blood II - Special Forces disk by ANG/Mirage;
- Light Gun Blaster (PD from Page 6);
- enhanced Lightgun Blaster (PD from Pedrokko);
- Gangsterville disk by Linda Soft
  (an italian game written in BASIC);
- maybe a couple more...

James Bradford mentions:
"On the 400, the light gun /pen will only work in joystick port 4." 
This renders much light gun and light pen software unusable on the 400.

Andreas Koch adds:
All Lightgun games can be used with a lightpen (which is not as accurate
as a Lightgun however). And all lightpen programs can be used with a
lightgun. thus add:

- Atari Graphics cart. by Atari
  (a painting/drawing program);
- Matrix a PD game by Dave Oblad
  (a 4-wins or 5-wins clone!)
- Alien Invaders (TB-XL or CTB) disk by R.Gore (available from DGS);
- Bembelwo a PD game by Thorsten Butschke
  (a sort of golf/minesweeper game, written in Quick);
- Sharp Shooter by Mat*Rat a PD game from Analog,
  (also available on cart from Video 61/Lance Ringquist);
- Lightgun Shooter by ??? from ABBUC mag.
  (a simple shooter game, at least PD!)
- Flyshot or Flyshoot a PD game by Kemal Ezcan
  (a Turbo BASIC game from ZONG, the KE Soft magazine);
- Geisterschloss game+editor disk by KE Soft;
- Lightpen Doodle by ??? from Antic magazine;
- Sniper by ??? and Raster (Freeware!);
- Cementario (english = cemetery), PD by Pelusa-Software;
- Invasion, PD by Pelusa-Software Chile;
- Hit the Mole by Phoenix-Softcrew / Carsten Strotmann;
- Hardware-tester by Florian Dingler (tests the following hardware:
  joysticks, paddles, koala pad, touch tablet, lightpen, lightgun,
  multijoy8, video touch pad / kids controller, driving/steering wheel,
  atari trackball, numeric keypad cx85 and maybe some more devices)
- some more PD programs and utilities for Lightpen or Lightgun;

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