8.6) What programs have a track ball mode or support a mouse?

Contributors: Andreas Koch, Mirko Sobe

     Title                                Keystroke Required
  --------------                         ---------------------
- Missile Command by Atari               CTRL-T
- Slime by Synapse                       [T]
- Shanghai by Activision                 choose controller type: ST mouse !
                                         (plug it into port 2; if you do not
                                         have one, you have to reboot!!)
- Bombdown by Roemer of Uno              choose between Joystick, Amiga
                                         mouse, ST mouse or CX85 numeric
                                         keypad (use port 2 for any mice)
- Minesweeper by Raindorf-Soft           use an ST mouse in port 2
- The Brundles by KE-Soft                use an ST mouse in port 2
- The Brundles Editor by KE-Soft, PD     use an ST mouse in port 2
- Geisterschloss by KE-Soft, PD          choose Lightgun (port 1) or ST
                                         mouse (port 2)
- Vanish (ZONG, Vol. 5+6/1993);          use an ST-mouse in port 2
- Hong Kong (ZONG, Vol. 5+6/1993);       use an ST-mouse in port 2
- Maus-DOS (ZONG 5+6/1993);              use an ST-mouse in port 2
- Faecher-Patience (ZONG 1/1993);        use an ST-mouse in port 2
- Macao (Zong 5+6/1994);                 use an ST-mouse in port 2
- Multi-Mouse manager (PD)               drivers for mice, TB, etc.
- Multiplayer 2.1 by Madteam             supports ST + Amiga mouse in port A
- Unriagh I (german PD adventure)        has drivers for ST mouse+Joystick
                                         (stick=port 1, mouse=port2)
- Unriagh II (german PD adventure)       has drivers for ST mouse+joystick
                                         (stick=port 1, mouse=port 2)
- little Calculator (AMC-Verlag, PD)     uses ST-mouse only (port 2)
- big UPN calculator (PD)                uses ST mouse, TB, Touch tab. and
                                         joystick; (there are different COM
                                         files, rename the one you wish to
                                         use to *.EXE; all drivers use port
                                         1 - if I remember correctly)
- Operation Blood (ANG/Mirage)           press mouse fire or Select to start
                                         in ST mouse mode (port 2)
- Operation Blood 2 / Special Forces     press mouse fire or Select to start
         (ANG/Mirage)                    in ST mouse mode
- Sprint XL (ABBUC Jahresgabe 1992)      uses an ST mouse in port 2
- M.O.S. (ABBUC magazine)                uses an ST mouse in port 2
- Diamond GOS (Reeve software)           all three versions support an ST
                                         mouse in port 2
- S.A.M. (Power per Post)                german GUI, supports an ST mouse in
                                         port 2
- G.O.E. (TCS)                           supports an ST mouse in port 1
- BOSS-X (MS-Software, Mirko Sobe)       supports ST-Mouse in Port 2

RE: Missile Command, Andreas writes:
there are many different versions available... I know the old Atari 800
cart version, which works correct with Joystick and Trakball, but not at
all with a mouse. The newer XL version works with Mouse, trackball and
Joystick, also the newest (built-in) XEGS version of MC. But, there is
also a tape version (and maybe a disk version) of MC available. I am not
sure if this tape version behaves like the old 800 version or like the
newer XL and XE/XEGS versions...

And about mice, Andreas adds:
Maybe you did not know, there is a little difference between Trackball
and ST-mouse. Although MC works with both input devices does not mean,
they are the same. they are not !! Connect the TB to an ST computer and
you see: it does not work at all !! You have to do a small conversion to
convert the TB to an ST mouse. (Plans are avaiable from ABBUC, Germany).

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