3.5) What other floppy disk drives can I use with my Atari?

Major contributors to this section: Glenn M. Saunders, Tomasz M. Tatar,
James Bradford, Konrad M. Kokoszkiewicz, Don Schoengarth, Andreas

SD=Single-Density, 90K/disk side
ED=Enhanced-Density, 130K/disk side
DD=Double-Density, 180K/disk side

DS=Double-Sided (one of 3 possible data-mappings, see below for details)

Printer port=has a standard DB25 parallel printer port,+ maybe a print buffer
Master=includes drive controller, can add additional,non-Atari-specific drives

Top transfer rate is 19.2Kbps unless stated otherwise.

Floppy disk drives designed for the 8-bit Atari computers:
Atari 810           SS SD
Atari 1050          SS SD/ED
Atari XF551         DS SD/ED/DD, 38.4Kbps burst mode
Access Unlimited ATAR88-1  SS SD master
Access Unlimited ATAR40-1  SS SD/DD master
Amdek AMDC I  SS SD/DD uses flippy Amdisk III 3" disk/carts,printerport,master
Amdek AMDC II      SS SD/DD dual drives, printer port, master
AS SN-360            DS SD/ED/DD
Astra 1001           SS SD/DD, printer port
Astra 1620           SS SD/DD dual drives
Astra 2001           SS SD/DD dual drives
Astra Big-D          DS SD/DD dual drives
Astra The "One"      DS SD/DD, printer port
B&C 810              SS SD, optional Happy Warp Speed 52Kbps
Concorde C-221M      SS SD/DD master
Concorde C-222M      DS SD/DD master
CSS Floppy Board, for the Black Box, master, support PC 720K and 1.44MB 3.5"
                      drives, support PC 1.2MB and 360kB 5.25" drives,
                      also read/write 5.25" and 3.5" MS-DOS disks
                      see: http://www.nleaudio.com/css/products/floppy.htm
Flop Roznov pod Radhostem VD 40 F
                     SS SS/ED/DD, XF551 compatible, printer port
                see: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99716
High-Density Disk Interface (HDI) by Erhard Puetz. a PCB, master
                     connect up to 4 standard PC high-density drives
Indus GT             SS SD/ED/DD, Synchromesh mode usable with SpartaDOS X
     and DOS XL only.  72Kbps under SpartaDOS X, 37Kbps under DOS XL. Z-80 cpu
     RAM-Charger--expansion card contains 64K RAM + software, for CP/M support
Karin Maxi           PBI/ECI device, master, WD1772 + 2KB driver ROM
                     DS formats use PC-standard &#146head-first&#146 mapping
L.E. Systems LEDS5-01  SS SD/DD master, 134.4Kbps, 800 only
                       CP/M expansion: 4MHz Z80, 64K RAM
L.E. Systems LEFDC-04  SS SD Four drives, copies a disk in 22 secs, 800 only
L.E. Systems LEFDC-08  SS SD Eight drives, copies a disk in 22 secs, 800 only
LDW Super 2000       SS SD/DD, 19.2Kbps or 67Kbps
   image: http://romualdl.multimania.com/images/atari/super2000.jpg
LDW CA-2001          SS SD/DD, 19.2Kbps or 38.4Kbps "California Access"
   image: http://romualdl.multimania.com/images/atari/ca2001.jpg
LDW CA-2002           DS SD/ED/DD,19.2Kbps,70Kbps w/SpartaDOS. "Calif. Access"
Micro MainFrame MF-1681   SS SD/DD, printer port, 4K to 54K printer buffer,
     hard disk firmware included, master, Z-80 CPU w/ 16K to 64K RAM for CP/M,
     TRSDOS, MaxiDOS A, and OASIS. see: http://www.qnet.com/~dons/mmf.html
Micro MainFrame MF-1682   dual drives version of MF-1681
Percom RFD40-S1      SS SD/DD, master
Percom RFD40-S2      SS SD/DD dual drives, master
Percom RFD44-S1      DS SD/DD, master
Percom RFD44-S2      DS SD/DD dual drives, master
(80-track RFDs hinted at http://www.atarimagazines.com/v1n2/newproducts.html)
Percom AT88          SS SD, master
Percom AT88-S1 PD    SS SD/DD, printer port, master
Percom AT88-S2 PD    SS SD/DD dual drives, printer port, master
Rana 1000            SS SD/ED/DD, stand alone disk formatting
RCP 810              SS SD
San Jose Computer Special Edition 810  SS SD, optional Happy Warp Speed 52Kbps
Spider               SS SS/ED/DD,XF551 compat,printer port,only 70 protos made
                see: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99716
SWP ATR8000    4MHz Z80, 16K RAM, RS-232, master, printer port
         or    4MHz Z80, 64K RAM, RS-232, master, printer port, CP/M 2.2
               options:  128K or 256K CO-POWER-88 with MS-DOS; CP/M-86
TOMS 720      DS SD/ED/ID/DD/QD/ID printer port, MYDOS 4.50 on ROM, 70Kbps
     - SS/SD - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 128 bytes = 90 KB
     - SS/ED - 40 tracks, 26 sects, 128 bytes = 130 KB
     - SS/ED - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 180 KB
     - SS/ID - IBM S-9 - 40 tracks, 9 sects, 512 bytes = 180 KB
     - DS/DD - 40 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 360 KB
     - DS/QD - 80 tracks, 18 sects, 256 bytes = 720 KB
     - DS/ID - IBM D-9 - 40 tracks, 9 sects, 512 bytes = 360 KB
     - known as Toms-Turbo Drive, Turbo format and speeder is compatible
       with german Engl-Turbo-1050; (tools will work with both drives);
TOMS 710      DS SD/ED/ID/DD/QD/ID printer port, MYDOS 4.50 on ROM, 67Kbps
     one more format: double sided, 80 tracks, IBM (720 KB)
     also TOMS Navigator on ROM (like Norton Commander);
     known as Toms-Turbo drive; Turbo format and speeder is compatible
     with german Engl-Turbo-1050; (tools will also work with both drives);
Trak AT-1            SS SD/DD master.upgrade: printer port+4K/16K buffer
Trak AT-D1           SS SD master, printer port, 4K print buffer.upgrade:16K
Trak AT-D2           SS SD/DD master, printer port, 4K printbuffer.upgrade:16K
Trak AT-D4           DS SD/DD, printer port, print buffer
Trak Champ           SS SD master
Trak Champ2          SS SD/DD master
Trak AT-S1           SS SD/DD slave
Viatronic Brno VD 40 SS SS/ED/DD, XF551 compatible, printer port
XFD601B   DS SD/ED/DD 70kbps,Top Drive,Synchromesh,UltraSpeed,XF551 compat.
XFD602B  dual DS SD/ED/DD 70kbps,Top Drive,Synchromesh,UltraSpeed,XF551 compat

While any standard "slave" drive will work with "master" drives listed above,
the following are slave drives marketed specifically to Atari users:
Access Unlimited ATAR88-A1 SS SD slave
Access Unlimited ATAR40-A1 SS SD/DD slave
Concorde C-221S      SS SD/DD slave
Concorde C-222S      DS SD/DD slave
Percom RFD40-A1      SS SD/DD slave
Percom AT88-A1       SS SD/DD slave
RCP 100              DS SD/DD, slave
RCP 200              DS SD/DD dual drives, slave

The following information is taken from the documentation for HiassofT&#146s
WriteAtr program, http://www.horus.com/~hias/atari/

Double-Sided drives for the Atari may use one of three different drive-
mapping possibilities.
   * Most double-sided Atari disk drives:
     First fill tracks 0-39 (or 0-79) on the first side, then switch
     over to side 2 and again fill tracks 0-39 (0-79 for 3.5" disks).

   * The XF551 first fills track 0 on the first side. Then it
     fills track 1, then track 2, ... up to track 39 (on a 5.25" disk)
     or 79 (on a 3.5" disk). Then it switches to side 2 and fills
     the disk in reverse order (starting at track 39/79, then 38/78,
     ... til it has reached the end of the disk at track 0).

   * The third possibility is the standard in the PC world, but on the Atari
     it&#146s possibly unique to drives connected via the Karin Maxi interface.
     If your Atari disk drive uses this mapping, it first fills
     track 0 on side 1, then track 0 on side 2, then seeks to track 1,
     again first fills track 1 / side 1, then track 1 / side 2,
     and so on, until it finishes with track 39 (79) / side 2.
     The drive switches the heads (sides) first before switching
     the track.

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