3.2) What other cassette recorders can I use with my Atari?

Firstly Atari themselves put out several models beyond the 410/1010/XC11/XC12,
generally only known in eastern Europe:

XCA12 Program Recorder     -in same case as XC12...Poland
CA12 Program Recorder      -in same case as XC12...Poland
    image: http://romualdl.multimania.com/images/atari/ca12.jpg
XL12 Program Recorder      -XC12 w/slight changed design. Czech/Slovak/Poland
XC13 Program Recorder      -XC12 which was "T2000 ready". Czech/Slovak/Poland

Unlike other microcomputer systems of the time, it was very unusual to use
anything but Atari-brand program cassette recorders.  One third-party product
released was the:

Compu-Mate, by General Electric (GE, G.E.)
Includes external interface module, a power cord/adapter, and SIO cable.
No second SIO port - must be at end of SIO chain.

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