8.15) What noncommercial telecommunications programs are there?

This section lists widely-used or notable noncommercial telecommunications
programs for the Atari.  These programs could be used for accessing dial-up
online service providers, or for connecting to a dial-up bulletin board
system (BBS) hosted by another home computer.  Such activities were very
popular on the Atari computer, especially from the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s.

AMISTERM, by Craig Chamberlain and Jim Steinbrecher, 3/17/82
- Early recommendation for accessing an AMIS BBS
- Upload/download (text only)
- Requires R: handler

JTERM, by Frank C. Jones, 1982-1984
- Originally based on a short BASIC program by Henrique Veludo published in
  Compute! #9, Feb81
- Developed in cooperation with ARMUDIC BBS author Frank Huband
- Upload/download (text only)
- Requires R: handler
- Version 3.1, June 19, 1982
- Version 3.2, July 10, 1982, published in Compute! #32, Jan83
- Version 3.8 published in Compute! #56, Jan85
   - Added support for 1200 bps modems

ATERM, by Marshall Abrams, 10/1982
- Simple terminal simulator (no specific terminal emulation)
- Upload/download (text only)
- Requires R: handler

AMODEM, by Jim Steinbrecher, 1982-1984
- Designed for accessing RCP/M and Atari bulletin board systems, and as a
  replacement for AMISTERM.
- XMODEM file transfers (standard protocol by Ward Christensen)
- Early releases: the major versions <2.0, 3.0, 4.0> were released by the
  author, while the "sub-versions <3.1, 3.2, 4.1...> were mostly prepared as
  personal modifications by others.  4.0 was released in 10/82.
- Atari MODEM Ver. 4.2
   - AMODEM4.BAS:VER 4.2; 11-24-82 (AMODEM42.BAS)
   - Requires R: handler
- Atari MODEM-835/850 Ver. 4.2
   - AMODEM42.835:VER 4.2;01-15-84 (AMOD1030.BAS)
   - Requires T: handler; distributed with the author's 835/850 Handler
     (alias AUTO1030.OBJ)
   - Unofficial release "SUPERTERM 835/1030 MODEM" distributed with slightly
     modified version of the Steinbrecher 835/850 Handler (SUPRTERM.AUT)
- "AMODEM Plus" -- various versions released by others based on AMODEM 4.2

TSCOPE / MSCOPE / RSCOPE, by Joe Miller, 1983-1986
- "This (limited-feature) telecom program was designed to be used with the
  CompuServe Information Service."
- Supported some CompuServe VIDTEX terminal program functions, including:
   - UPL and DOW commands for file transfers using the CIS 'A' Protocol
   - Online color graphics
- TSCOPE original release, 25 Dec 83
   - Integrated T: handler supports both 850-based and 835/1030 modems
   - Does not work with the P:R: Connection interface
- MSCOPE, 18 May 85
   - Features of TSCOPE, but integrated modem driver is for MPP modems
- RSCOPE, 15 Apr 86
   - Features of TSCOPE without integrated modem driver, requires R: handler

Kermit for the Atari Home Computer, 1983-1984
- Kermit upload/download file transfers, DEC VT52 terminal emulation
- v1.1 by John Howard Palevich (Jack Palevich) (1984/01/09)
   - Official port of the Columbia University Kermit Project software
   - Released as Action! source code, compiles into one of two versions:
      - For the Atari 850 and the DC-Hayes Smartmodem, with auto-dial support
      - For the Atari 1030 modem
   - Requires R: or T: handler as appropriate
   - Available: http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/archive.html#atari
- v1.2 Kermit/1030 release by John Howard Palevich (Jack Palevich), 1984
  (aliases: KERMIT1030 or KBIN.HEX)
   - Requires T: handler
- v1.3 Atari/850 Kermit release by Jim Dahlberg, 1984
   - Requires R: handler

TERM1030, by Matthew S. Arrington, 1984-1985
- XMODEM upload/download
- Version 2.0 (1984?) requires T: handler
    - Distributed with TERM1030.AUT, a version of Steinbrecher's 835/850
      Handler as slightly modified to automatically load and run a file
      named ".RUN" from disk after the driver is loaded.
- Version 3.0 (1985) requires T: handler
   - Distributed with "Antic's T-handler for: TERM1030" (THANDLER.OBJ) which
     is a version of Steinbrecher's 835/850 Handler modified to work as
     AUTORUN.SYS on a DOS 2 disk with MEM.SAV created, in combination with
     TERM1030.BAS on that disk.
- Ver. 4.2R by Rich Schmitt, 5/1/85
   - Requires R: handler; R.BIN or 'RHANDLER2' recommended.

DiskLink, by Ken Fowkes, 1984 (alias: Disk 'o Link)
- Supports file transfers between two Atari computers running this
  program in 2 modes: ASCII text and modified XMODEM protocol.
- Thanks to nonstandard XMODEM implementation, allows two users to type back
  and forth (in a somewhat halting fashion) DURING file transfer.
- Integrated T: handler supports both 850-based and 835/1030 modems

VT-10-Squared (VT10^2 or VT10SQ), by Alexander M. Stevens and David L. Bailey
- DEC VT100 terminal emulation, 80-column screen (software handler)
- Version 0.6, 1984? (VT100.OBJ)
   - Both 850-based and 835/1030 modems supported via integrated handler
     derived from R.BIN.
   - Instructions include a program to remove the integrated R.BIN to create
     VT10SQ.OBJ, either with an integrated MPP R: handler (distributed as the
     separate file MYHAND.OBJ), or without integrated R: handler to be used
     with the A.I.D. RHAND.OBJ R: handler for the R-Verter.
- Version 0.7, 1985?
   - VT10SQ.XMO with integrated R.BIN, or VT10NH.XMO without R: handler
   - Adds some VT-100 features and corrects some bugs in order to facilitate
     operation with UNIX and the vi editor.
   - Adds a capability to transmit even or odd parity.
- Version 0.7 modified for XL by K. Knutson
   - Earlier releases require 400/800 OS or OS translator
- VT100 Terminal Emulator, modified and revised version by Alec Benson, 1986
  (VT100.OBJ or VT100NR.OBJ)
   - Added VT52 emulation

AMODEM 7, by Trent Dudley, 1985-1987
- Rewritten from AMODEM 4.2 and AMODEM Plus releases
- Requires R: or T: handler
- AMODEM 7.0 (5/85) features joystick input, SHIFT-CTRL key macros,
   adjustable delay rate, XMODEM transfers.  Exclusive R: handlers:
   - AMOD70.AUT loads the 850 R: handler
   - AMODMPP.OBJ R: handler for MPP modems.  Derived from the DeMar handler.
- AMODEM 7.1, 8/12/85
   Exclusive modem device handlers:
   - R850.ATR (executable, not a disk image) loads the 850 R: handler
   - MPP.ATR (executable, not a disk image) R: handler for MPP modems.  A
     modified version of the MPP Rev. 1.0 MINI R: handler which is compatible
     with XL/XE computers
   - T1030.ATR (executable, not a disk image) loads the 1030 T: handler
   - RBIN.ATR (executable, not a disk image) version of R.BIN combined R:
     handler for 850-based and 835/1030 modems
- AMODEM 7.2, 12/1/85
   Exclusive modem device handlers:
   - MPPHANDL.A72 R: handler for MPP modems (essentially identical to MPP.ATR)
   - AUTO1030.72 loads the 1030 T: handler
- AMODEM 7.3 XE, requires BASIC XL or BASIC XE, 12/85
- AMODEM 7.2R, for the R-Time 8 cartridge, 2-Feb-86
   Exclusive modem device handler:
   - MPPHANDL.AM7 R: handler for MPP modems (essentially identical to MPP.ATR)
- AMODEM 7.4, 15-Mar-87, features XMODEM/CRC and YMODEM file transfers,
   word wrapping, an edit window, improved autodial scanning and macros;
   support for: SpartaDOS, R-Time 8, BASIC XE.
    - Distributed with modem device handlers:
- AMODEM 7.50, 14-Jun-87 (final release)
    - Distributed with modem device handlers:

Express!, by Keith Ledbetter, 1985-1986
- Strengths: auto-dialer and reliable XMODEM transfers
- Version 3: XMODEM/CRC, ability to download .BIN files on CompuServe using
  XMODEM, VIDTEX mode for CompuServe cursor positioning, R-Time 8 support 
- Each version includes an integrated modem handler
- Original version: 1030 Express! (September 1985)
   - Integrated T: handler
- 850 Express! 3.0 release date: 9/24/86 (earlier releases include 1.1)
   - Integrated R: handler
- 1030 Express! 3.0 release date: 11/1/86 (earlier releases include 2.0, 2.1)
   - Integrated T: handler
- MPP Express! 3.0 release date: 12/1/86 (earlier releases include 1.1)
   - Integrated R: handler is Chilcott MPP handler
- Also the basis for SX Express! from Atari (1988) and for the Express!
  cartridge from Orion Micro Systems (1990)

VTERM V10.4.86, by Joe Hitchens, 1986
- DEC VT52 terminal emulation, 80-column pannable (40-column visible) screen,
  capture, Upload/download (text only)
- Requires R: handler

OmniCom, by CDY Consulting (David Young), 08/15/1987 (shareware release)
- VT10SQ was used as an early model.
- 80-column screen (software handler), VT100 emulation, XMODEM, Kermit,
  ASCII send, capture mode, screen dump
- Requires R: handler.  Distributed with the ATARISRS.232 variation of R.BIN
  as extracted from VT-10-Squared.
- While 1986-1987 commercial versions required a CDY Consulting Omniview
  chip, the 08/15/87 shareware release runs on standard Atari hardware

Kermit-65, by John R. Dunning, 1987-1990
- Kermit file transfers, VT100 or VT52 terminal emulation (or none),
  Atari standard screen, 80-column pannable (40-column visible) like VTERM,
  or 80-column graphics like VT10SQ
- Port of Kermit-65 for Commodore 64
- Two versions of each release:
   - K65.COM or KERMIT.COM: Integrated 850 R: autoloader
   - K65NR.COM or KERMITNR.COM : Requires R: handler
- Releases: 3.1 8/6/1987, 3.3 10/20/1987, 3.5 4/1990, 3.6 4/1990, 3.7 5/1990

DeTerm, by Jim Dillow, 1987-1988
- XMODEM file transfer, full Telenet PC Pursuit support, Breakout game
  playable while uploading, downloading or waiting for a connection
- Several versions: DeTerm XM301 (DTXM) / DeTerm MPP (DTMPP) / DeTerm SX212
  (DTSX) each have a built-in modem handler; DeTerm 850 (DT850) is to be
  appended to an 850 R: autoloader; DeTerm (plain) requires R: handler

PC-Term, by Rick Hunter, 1988
- Designed espeically for Telenet PC Pursuit
- XMODEM, XMODEM/CRC, YMODEM, or C-MODEM (C-MODEM protocol by Jerry Horanoff
  of Carina Software Systems) file transfers
- Dialer, capture, print-screen
- 850-based or SX212 modem required (integrated SX212 handler by Jim Dillow)
- Version 3.1, 10/14/88

BobTerm 1.2x, 1990-1993, shareware by Bob Puff
- XMODEM, XMODEM/CRC, XMODEM-1k, CIS Fast XMODEM (BobTerm exclusive for use
  only on CIS), YMODEM, FMODEM (YMODEM but with 4KiB block size) file transfers
- VT52 terminal emulation (odd or even parities) with CompuServe VIDTEX cursor
- Floating buffer size (depending on machine and DOS), chat window with
  recall, online/real-time clock, R-Time 8 support, dialing system
- Modular design: distributed with an XEP80 driver and with a command
  processor module for SpartaDOS 3.2 or SpartaDOS X
- Integrated 850 R: autoloader; also supports and distributed with separate R:
  handlers for most possible modem options, most written by Bob Puff
- Version 1.21 final full release, 4/27/1990: http://www.nleaudio.com/css/
- Version 1.22 05/1990 executable, final version update for real hardware:
- Version 1.23 03/1993 executable, updated version for use with emulators:
     http://www.mixinc.net/atari/download_a8/datacom/bobt123.lzh or
- Earlier releases: v.1.02 4/1989, v.1.10 6/1989, v.1.20 4/1990

VT850, by Curtis Laser, 1991
- VT100 terminal emulation, with select VT102 features and VT200 series
  keyboard support.  Capture file function.
- Supports the XEP80 (joystick port 1) and the CX85 (joystick port 2)
- Display is either 39 columns in GR.0 with custom character set, or
  80/132 columns (authentic VT100 horizontal scrolling for >80 columns) on the
- Requires R: handler
- Release versions: B0, B1

ANSITerm, by Robert Sinclair, 1991-1992     
- IBM terminal emulation program with VT100 mode
   - ATARI, ASCII, or ANSI modes
- XMODEM send/receive, dump, capture, dialer
- Requires R: handler.
  Distributed with handlers for: 850, P:R: Connection, SX212
- Version 1.0 released 24-JUN-92

FlickerTerm 80, by Clay Halliwell, 1993-1995
- High speed ANSI terminal emulator
   - ASCII, IBM PC, or VT100 modes
- 80-column screen uses two alternating Graphics 0 screens
- Print-screen, Joystick/CX85 Keypad, macros
- Requires R: handler
- Releases: v0.37 07/07/94; v0.381 11/04/94; v.0.51 6/27/1995

Ice-T, by Itay Chamiel, 1994-2013
- Complete VT102 and ANSI-BBS emulation, including boldface/blink support
- Supports up to 19,200 baud, with no data loss
- 80-column screen (GR.8 software handler)
- XMODEM/CRC, XMODEM-1k, YMODEM, YMODEM-g, ZMODEM download protocols
- ASCII upload, 16KiB capture buffer, 16KiB scrollback buffer
- Auto-dialer, with a directory of up to 20 numbers
- Text file viewer, Fine scroll, Print screen
- Requires R: handler
- Ice-T 800 v1.1, October 1994:
   - Reduced features, but only requires 48KiB 400/800
- Ice-T XE 2.72, February, 1997
   - Full feature set, requires an XL/XE with at least 128KiB RAM
- Ice-T XE 2.73, April 14, 2012
   - Available: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/196599-ice-t-xe-273-released/
- Ice-T XE 2.74, September 24, 2013
   - Available: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217052-ice-t-xe-274-released/
- Ice-T XE 2.75, October 1, 2013
   - Available: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217245-ice-t-xe-275-released/
- Ice-T XE 2.76, October 10, 2013
   - Available: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/217539-ice-t-xe-276-released/

Term-80 / Term80, by Tom Hunt, 1995-1996
- (Not to be confused with the unrelated Term 80 by Mark Gamber, 12/1/88)
- Designed for calling IBM ANSI bulletin boards at the highest speeds
  supported by the MIO and Black Box.  Default 14,400 baud.
- Hyperspeed R: handler by Len Spencer recommended for MIO users
- Requires one of:
   1- Modem connected to a Black Box or MIO
   2- Either a hard drive (connected to a Black Box or MIO) or a RAMdisk
      (modem connected to a P:R: Connection, 850, or similar interface)
   3- Both a (hard drive or RAMdisk) AND modem connected to a Black Box or MIO
- Requires SpartaDOS (3.2d or 3.2g/gx)
- 80-column screen (GR.8 software handler)
- Dialer, YMODEM receive/send
- Modular design, distributed with modules for:
  XMODEM/CRC and XMODEM-1k receive, capture, change baud rate
- Releases: 8.15.95 Version 1.4 was 1st general release; 8.19.95 Version 1.5;
  8.25.95 Version 1.6
- 5.24.96 Version 1.9 BETA was distributed to testers with several modules for
  use with Internet email and lynx servers via a dial-up telnet service.
  (Direct access to a telnet server is (was) sometimes provided as part of a
  dial-up SLIP/PPP account from an Internet service provider.)
   - Available: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/180427-term80/#entry2257913
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