6.17) What MIDI enhancements are there for the Atari?

This section by Andreas Koch and Mathy van Nisselroy.

Midi is standard on the Atari ST computers, because it is built-in into
these computers. Nevertheless, Midi was long before the arrival of the
ST computers on the market and thus, it is no surprise that there are
even midi-interfaces and enhancements for the classic 8Bit Ataris. The
following "types" do exist:

- "Midi-Mate" and "Midi-Track" by Hybrid Arts (USA), comes with hardware
  + software, see reviews & tests in Antic, Analog and other magazines.
  MidiTrack requires 48k RAM, MidiTrack II 64k RAM and MidiTrack III
  128k RAM (XE compatible, not Axlon compatible). MidiMate features
  MIDI IN+OUT and SYNC IN+OUT ports, but lacks a second SIO port.
  MMS (MIDI Music System) is a MIDI version of AMS, also sold by Hybrid
  Arts and comes with AMS to MMS converter software...

- "MIDI Master" by 2-Bit Software (UK), comes with hardware+software.
   Features MIDI IN+OUT ports, an extra SIO port, but no SYNC ports.
   See also reviews and ads in (New) Atari User...

- "MIDI interface" by DIGICOMM (UK), comes with hardware + &#146example
  programs&#146. Features MIDI IN, THRU and OUT ports. There`s no word
  about a second SIO port or any SYNC ports. See also reviews and ads
  in (New) Atari User...

- "MIDIMAX" by Wizztronics (UK), comes with hardware and software.
  Features MIDI IN+OUT ports and a second SIO port. The MMS software
  that comes with MidiMax requires 48k RAM and is fully compatible to
  the Hybrid Arts hardware+software. This means, one can use the
  software with both Midi-interfaces or use the interfaces with the
  software of both vendors...

- "Atari-Midi-Interface" by Karlheinz Metscher (appeared in the german
  magazine Computer Kontakt June/July 1986, pages 69-75, complete with
  documentation, schematics and its first program "Midi-Receiver";
  in Computer Kontakt October/November 1986 appeared the second program,
  called "Midi-Disk" - a Midi Recorder and Player program);

- "Midi-Interface for Atari XL/XE" by Ireneusz Kuczek (appeared in the
  german ABBUC magazine, issue 65, pages 3-6); the paper-mag. includes
  a schematic for the midi-interface and some translated descriptions for
  the software (translated from polish to german language), whereas the
  disk-magazine contains the midi-programs "Midiplay Version 1.3" by I.
  Kuczek, "Midi-Recorder Version 1.2" by I.Kuczek, "Rec to Mid" by I.
  Kuczek (a converter program for the IBM-PC!), "Midi-Sequencer V.1.15"
  by Maciej Sygit and "Midi-Pattern-Editor MPE V.2.3" by Radek Sterba.
  These programs and many additional demo sounds are also available in
  the ABBUC PD library (PD numbers 625-632).

- guess there are several other (selfmade) midi-interfaces for the Atari
  8Bit available, alas they also require a keyboard or synthesizer and
  self-created (or downloaded) midi-sounds can only be played back via
  such a midi-interface and the affore mentioned keyboard/synthesizer.
  As of yet, it seems there exists no midi-player program, that can
  playback any midi-sound via the Atari Pokey chip, nor any converter
  program, which can convert *.MID sounds into other Atari sound formats
  (that could be played back on the Atari then)...

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