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 6.11) What lightpens were produced for the Atari?

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This section by Andreas Koch.

- Atari Lightpen (came with Atari Graphics cart.; it produces pictures
  with 127 sectors in length, thus not Micro-Painter, nor Micro-
  Illustrator compatible; however appropriate converter programs can be
  found in the public domain, e.g. the Rapid Graphics Converter);
- Edumate Lightpen (came with a disk with 6 Basic programs; a program
  called Peripheral Vision was available separately from Future House);
- Tech-Sketch-Lightpen (came in two versions: a) the cheaper version
  which included a disk with Basic programs only and b) the more expensive
  version which included the disk with Basic programs and the Micro-
  Illustrator cartridge);
- MC-Pen-Lightpen (came with a disk with 4 Basic programs);
- Reston Lightpen (came with ???);

Note: these infos were taken from Antic, September 1984; I am not sure,
if all these items were really available as listed...

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