6.12) What lightguns were produced for the Atari?

This section by Andreas Koch.

- Atari XG-1 Lightgun (came in two versions: a) complete with XEGS,
  keyboard, joystick, power supply, tv-cable, Lightgun, FS II cart and
  Bug Hunt cart all in one package and b) in a separate package,
  containing the Lightgun and the Bug Hunt cartridge); thats&#146s why Bug
  Hunt does not have its own package, it was always included with the
  Lightgun package and/or the complete XEGS package...
- BEST Lightgun by Best Electronics (a sort of selfmade (?) Lightgun);
- Sega-Lightgun (normally not Atari compatible; but can be converted
  into an Atari compatible lightgun easily);
- other lightguns (most of these have to be converted)...

Note: After having 3-4 Atari and at least one (converted) Sega lightgun,
it is my personal impression, that the Atari lightgun merely works ok
on/with TV-sets (and not at all with a monitor), whereas the Sega lightgun
works alright on TV&#146s and (most) monitors. Since I never had a Best
lightgun I cannot comment on this one... (Andreas Koch);

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