3.3.6) How can I use a USB flash drive with my Atari?

USB flash drives are NAND-type flash memory data storage devices integrated
with a USB (universal serial bus) interface.  They are typically small,
lightweight, removable and rewritable.

==> SIO2USB, by ABBUC Regional Group Frankfurt / Main (2007)
The SIO2USB Interface is a peripheral device that can be attached to an Atari
8-bit computer using the SIO-Bus.  It emulates one or more Atari Floppy-
Drive(s) and does not require any special drivers or Operating-Systems, it is
fully compatible with all Atari DOS Systems and extensions.  Because the
device is connected to the SIO-Bus, it is not necessary to open or modify the
Atari.  The device is powered by the SIO-Bus and does not need an external
Power Adapter.  The data are stored on standard USB Mass Storage Devices (USB
FLASH Drives) as Atari-Imagefiles (ATR or XFD) on a standard FAT filesystem.
o Can boot an Atari 8-bit Computer without physical Floppy Drive
o Emulation of up to 3 (virtual) Disk drives simultaneously
o Simple device, attached to SIO-Port, no modification of computer necessary
o Mixed operation of real Floppy and SIO2USB possible
o Fully compatible with all Atari DOS and OS and all Atari compatible
o Storage of Atari-Imagefiles on standard USB FLASH Drives
o Configuration of the device by built-in keys and LC-Display or
   configuration program on the Atari
o Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)
o Power supply for the device and USB FLASH Drive from SIO-Bus
o Updated SIO2USB Firmware can be applied from within the Atari (no
   additional device or computer required)
o Updates available via Internet (USB FLASH Drive) or direct from the Atari
   (real Disk Drive)
Information: http://preview.tinyurl.com/m6akpr8
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