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 1.2) What is the Atari 400?

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Released along with the 800 in 1979, the 400 was the low-end model of the two.
The only 8-bit Atari with a membrane keyboard rather than a full-stroke
keyboard.  One of the few 8-bit Ataris lacking a composite monitor port.
Originally released with just 8K RAM, but most were sold with 16K RAM.  Atari
sold the Atari 400 48K RAM Expansion Kit, which required a little soldering,
to dealers only.

Only the 400 and 800 8-bit Atari models have four controller (joystick) ports.

Early 400 units include the CTIA chip; later units include the GTIA chip, also
present in all later 8-bit Ataris.

Atari marketing used the trademark, The Basic Computer, as an alternative name
for the 400 from 1981-1982.

Production of the 400 ended in May 1983.

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