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 6.7) What are the power requirements for my Atari components?

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Thanks to Matthias Belitz for the European data in this section.  I need more
international help!

As with the rest of this FAQ list, please let me know if any of this
information conflicts with the units you have.

The most important information is the voltage (in volts) required, and
whether you need a transformer (AC output) or an adapter (DC output).
The power (in voltamps or watts) and current (in amperes) specifications
of the original equipment as presented here should be regarded as
minimum values.  Higher-than-specified power and current capacities are
entirely usable, and often preferable because such supplies run cooler
and last longer.

Direct Current (DC):
Power (in watts) = current (in amps) * voltage (in volts)

Alternating Current (AC):
Apparent Power (in voltamps) = current (in amps) * voltage (in volts)
Effective/True Power (in watts) = current (in amps) * voltage (in volts)
                                  * (cosine of the angle of lag)

N O R T H  A M E R I C A   INPUT = 115-120 V AC, 50/60Hz
AC supplies (external transformers)
  9 V AC  5.4 VA  (600 mA)  Atari#CO62195/CO17539

  9 V AC  4.5 VA  (500 mA)  Atari#CO61516

  9 V AC  15.3 VA  (1.7 A)  Atari#CO14319

  9 V AC  18 VA  (2.0 A)  Atari#CA014748/CA016804

  9 V AC  31 VA  (3.4 A)  Atari#CO17945

  9 V AC  50 VA  (5.6 A)  Atari#CA017964

  9.5 V AC  40 VA  (4.2 A)  Atari#CO61636

  20 V AC  6.6 VA  (330 mA)  Atari#CO60479/CA060535

  20 VAC  8 VA  (400 mA)  Novation#901017
  24 V AC  3.6 VA  (150 mA)  Atari#CA016751

DC supplies (external adapters)
  5 V DC  1.0 A  (5.0 W)  Atari#CO70042
    600XL,65XE,XE Game System

  5 V DC  1.5 A  (7.5 W)  Atari#CO61982/CA024814
    600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,XE Game System
    4 varieties, detailed by Ben Poehland in Current Notes v10n9 Nov 1990:
    Type I: The Beauty Queen, 1983-84, made in Hong Kong
            matches XL hardware, repairs easy
    Type II: The Ugly Clunker, 1984-85, made in Taiwan
            all black, external RF interference supression box,
            entirely permanently sealed, unrepairable
    Type III: The Black Beauty, 1985, made in Taiwan, uncommon
              like Type I but all black, simplest design/easiest repairs
    Type IV: The Peanut, 1985-?, made in Taiwan
             black with silver plate, difficult/tedious repairs

  6 V DC  300 mA  (1.8 W)  Atari#???????

  9 V DC  500 mA  (4.5 W)  Atari#CO16353/CA014034/CO10472/CX261
    XEP80,SX212,2600 (center positive)

  9.3 V DC  1.93 A  (18 W)  Atari#CO18187
    Indus GT,5200

  11.5 V DC  1.95 A  (22 W)  Atari#CA019141
    Indus GT,5200

  5 V / 12 V DC  1.1 A  (5.5 W / 13.2 W)  Atari#CO62297/DV1450

E U R O P E  (and elsewhere?)   INPUT = 220/240 V AC, 50 Hz
AC supplies (external transformers)
  9 V AC  4.5 VA  (0.5 A)  Atari#CO61516/34  (UK)

  9.3 V AC  15.44 VA  (1,66 A)  (Atari# not printed)/FW 6799

  9 V AC  27 VA  (3.0 A)  Atari#CO60592-34  (UK)

DC supplies (external adapters)
  5 V DC  1.8 A  (9.0 W)  Atari#CO61763-107
    600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,800XE,XE Game System

  5 V DC  1.5 A  (7.5 W)  Atari#CO61763-34  (UK)
    600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,800XE,XE Game System

  5 V DC  1.5 A  (7.5 W)  Atari#CO61763-11
    600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,800XE,XE Game System
    two ones with the same part number, but different cases and different
    input Values :#1, 65XE (Poland, made in Taiwan), Input 22 VA
                  #2, 800XL, Input 26 VA

  8.5 V DC                Atari#CO61605
    600XL,800XL,65XE,130XE,800XE,XE Game System

M O R E  I N F O
These draw their power from the SIO +5 V:
  XM301 (60 mA),XC11,XC12,ICD P:R: Connection,Wizztronics MidiMax,R-Verter

Draws power from the 600XL PBI:

These have built-in power supplies (plug directly into the wall):
  410 (except "410P"),815,820,825,1025,1029,XMM801,XDM121

The ICD Multi I/O (MIO), all versions, can use both AC and DC supplies, BUT:
     stick to voltages of at least 6.2-7.2 V.
     On 2003.09.01 James Bradford wrote: "Doesn&#146t matter what polarity the
     centre is, the MIO has a fullwave bridge rectifer in it.
     AC would be better because the diodes would be used half the time."
Indus GT: see Atari#CO18187 or CA019141 above.  What happens if power
     supplies for the Atari 1050 and Indus GT are mixed?  Paul Alhart writes
     (20 Jan 2004): "The Indus requires DC, the 1050 uses AC. Plug an Indus
     supply into a 1050 and it will usually blow the rectifier diodes in the
     1050. Plug an Atari supply into an Indus and it will blow the fuse in
     the supply. It can damage the mother board as well."
Rana 1000: 9 VAC   3.4 AMPS
MPP1000C modem:  9 V DC  200 mA  (1.8 W)

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