7.3.3) What are MyPicoDOS and Micro-SpartaDOS?

A "miniature DOS" / "gameDOS" / "microDOS" is a DOS version that is designed
to provide minimal capabilities.  Typically, this type of DOS makes the disk
bootable, and supports the launching of files on the disk.  This section
describes current miniature DOS versions for the Atari.

MyPicoDos 4.06 (C) 1992-2017 by Matthias Reichl
A "game-DOS" for DOS 2.x/MyDOS compatible disks with the following features:
    - It supports loading of COM/EXE, BIN (boot image) and BAS files.
    - It works with single and double density (hard-) disks from
      720 up to 65535 sectors.
    - Drives D1: to D8: can be accessed.
    - It supports MyDOS style subdirectories.
    - It supports Bibo-Dos style long directories (128 files per disk).
    - It supports XF551 format detection.
    - Built-in high speed SIO code: compatible with UltraSpeed (Happy,
      Speedy, AtariSIO/SIO2PC/APE/...), Happy 810 Warp Speed, XF551 and Turbo
      1050, up to 126 kbit/sec (Pokey divisor 0)
    - It supports displaying long filenames and a disk/directory title.
    - On XL/XE-type computers MyPicoDos can automatically switch BASIC on
      when loading a BASIC program, and switch BASIC off when
      loading a COM/EXE/BIN file.
    - Joystick support: either use arrow keys or a joystick to select
      the file.
    - Optional builtin atariserver (AtariSIO) remote console.
    - Separate "barebone" version without high speed SIO support and
      remote console support (for those who want to save space)
    - Separate boot-sector-only version "PicoBoot" supporting a single
      COM file on a disk
    - Separate "SDrive" version which configures the SDrive to use
      110 or 126 kbit/s transfer speed.
Available: http://www.horus.com/~hias/atari/

Micro-SpartaDOS (Micro-SD)
Micro-SpartaDOS 4.6 (MSDOS.COM), 2010-09-07
Micro-SpartaDOS 4.5 (MSDOS.COM), 2010-06-12
- Versions through 2.2: by Jiri Bernasek (BEWESOFT)
   Versions 2.3+ by Tomasz Pecko ('pecus') and Pawel Kalinowski ('pirx')
- Disk allocation/filesystem:
    - SpartaDOS File System (SDFS) version 2.0
    - Maximum number of directories entries is only limited by available RAM
Old versions/Changelog:
  MSDOS22.COM - original BEWESOFT version
    - by Jiri Bernasek - BEWESOFT (Prague, 93-05-03)
    - Version 2.2 supports also a high speed SIO for Speedy 1050, XF551 and
      the HDI.
Pecus & Pirx modifications:
  MSINI2.COM  - Pecus & Pirx variation on the menu editor.
  MSDOS23.COM - Pecus modified version with multi disc operation.
              - Keys 1-8 - select working drive and read the main directory.
  MSDOS30.COM - This version supports XF551 drives with HS, Happy Warp/
                US-Doubler drives with High Speed, and Speedy HS (only in
                US-Doubler mode).
              - Version 3.x+ are compatible with the SIO2IDE interface -
  MSDOS43.COM - Warsaw, 2010-05-26
              - Version 4.3 of MSDOS is a serious rewrite, done primarily by
                Pecus.  It uses a novel approach to mapping index sectors.
              - Version 4.3 supports "quadruple" sectors (512 bytes long);
                expands the available partition size to 32MiB.
              - Version 4.3 contains only the most popular Happy / UltraSpeed
              - Holding [SHIFT] during booting turns off HS I/O entirely.
              - This version detects BASIC and QMEG.  With QMEG the High Speed
                I/O is turned off as QMEG handles HS I/O by itself.
  MSDOS45.COM - Warsaw, 2010-06-12
              - Several bug fixes
              - Screen colors and TURBO mode configurable per directory.
              - Supports drives 1-15.
Available: http://pecus.pigwa.net/pliki/Atari/
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