6.8) What accessories did Atari produce for their 8-bit computers?

This should be a complete list of Atari "CX" accessories, two or three digit
numbers, marketed for use with the 8-bit computers.

CX30-04 Paddle Controller Pair
CX40-04 Joystick Controller Pair
CX40 Single Joystick Controller
CX41 Joystick Repair Kit
CX22 Trak-Ball Controller
CX23 Kid&#146s Controller
CX24 Pro-Line Joystick
CX42 Remote Control Wireless Joysticks
CX50 Keyboard Controller Pair
CX70 Light Pen (beige; the original Atari light pen)
CX75 Light Pen ( + Atarigraphics cartridge)
CX77 Touch Tablet ( + AtariArtist cartridge)
CX78 Joypad (shipped with the 7800 in Europe)
CX80 Trak-Ball
CX81 I/O Data Cord (5 ft)
CX82 Black and White Monitor Cable
CX85 Numerical Keypad ( + software Handler on diskette)
CX86 Printer Cable (included with 825 Printer)
CX87 Interface/Modem Cable (included with 830 Acoustic Modem)
CX88 Interface/Terminal Cable (null modem)
CX89 Color Monitor Cable
CX418 The Home Manager Kit (The Home Filing Manager disk +
       (Personal Financial Management System disk or Family Finances disk))
CX419 The Bookkeeper Kit/The Atari Accountant (The Bookkeeper disk + CX85)
CX481 The Entertainer (Star Raiders + (Computer Chess(?) or Missile Command or
      Pac-Man) + 2 joysticks).  Atari computer product catalogs first mention
      Missile Command, then Pac-Man as the second game.  Text on the box
      itself (thanks Bill Demian) indicates Computer Chess as the second
      game.  The illustration on the box actually shows a Music Composer box
      underneath the Star Raiders box.
CX482 The Educator (410 + BASIC cart. + States & Capitals cassette)
CX483 The Programmer (BASIC + BASIC Ref Manual + BASIC Self-Teaching Guide)
CX484 The Communicator (850 Interface + 830 Acoustic Modem + TeleLink I cart)
CX488 The Communicator II (835 Direct Connect Modem + TeleLink II cart.)
????? The Arcade Champ (Pac-Man + Qix + 2 joysticks + cartridge storage case)
????? The BASIC Tutor I (Inside Atari BASIC book + An Invitation to
      Programming 2: Writing Programs One and Two cassette + An Invitation to
      Programming 3: Introduction to Sound and Graphics cassette)
CX852 8K RAM Memory Module (for 800 computer)
CX853 16K RAM Memory Module (for 800 computer)
XG-1 Light Gun ( + Bug Hunt cart.)

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