6.6) How can I use a USB device with my Atari?

Background from TechWeb,

USB - Universal Serial Bus

A hardware interface for low-speed peripherals such as the keyboard, mouse,
joystick, scanner, printer and telephony devices.  USB has a maximum bandwidth
of 12 Mbits/sec (equivalent to 1.5 Mbytes/sec), and up to 127 devices can be

USB ports began to appear on PCs in 1997.  It has now esentially replaced the
older RS-232 serial and Centronics-type parallel ports on modern PCs, and USB
has become the primary means for connecting most external devices to today&#146s

The following project aims to provide USB compatability to the Atari:

MicroUSB.org - Microprocessor USB Project, http://microusb.org/
Project USB Cartridge
    * Project Name  : USB Cartridge with two USB Slots
    * Project Start : Summer 2002
    * Project Member: Marc Brings, Thomas Grasel, Harry Reminder,
                      Guus Assmann, Carsten Strotmann

In cooperation with the above,

Atarimax(Steven Tucker)/ABBUC USB Cartridge:

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