5.5) How can I connect my Atari to a high-speed/Ethernet network?

Marius Diepenhorst has pioneered the following technique.  He writes (2004):

"Try to get a LANTRONIX UDS-10 device.  It acts like a modem but it is a LAN
-> RS-232 converter.  So with that device you can have incoming and outgoing
&#146calls&#146 like modem ones via the internet.

I ran my Atari 8bit bbs with such a thing. The Lantronix MSS-10 or MSS-100
will do too.  But in that case you have to make a custom RS-232 cable (easy

More info www.lantronix.com

this is the info of the UDS-10


It is REALLY a cool thing. Not only for you, but for more atari fans I guess."

Technical details for his BBS: http://atari-inside.webhop.net or

Other, similar serial-to-Ethernet interfaces from Lantronix have been
successfully utilitized, including the MSS100:

as well as the discontinued MSS1-T.

Note that the UDS-10 lacks DNS support, while the MSS100 and MSS1-T include
DNS support.

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