6.5) Can I attach an ISA card to my Atari?

ISA background from TechWeb,

ISA - Industry Standard Architecture.  Pronounced "eye-suh."

An expansion bus formerly commonly used in PCs (but since phased-out in favor
of PCI).  It accepts plug-in boards that control the sound, video display and
other peripherals.

Originally called the "AT bus," it was first used in the IBM AT, extending the
8-bit bus to 16 bits.

RoBue (Roland Buehler) of the Stuttgart ABBUC Regional Group has produced
project plans for an ISA-Bus Interface for Atari 800XL/130XE Computer, ARGS.

Carsten Strotmann has released sourcecode showing how to access a Hercules
video card with the ISA-Bus Interface.

Visit: http://www.strotmann.de/twiki/bin/view/APG/PgmFardwDriverHerc

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