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Screenshots - Play AVR

Play AVR atari screenshot
Play AVR atari screenshot
Play AVR atari screenshot
Play AVR atari screenshot

Information - Play AVR

GenreMusic / SoundYear1995
LanguageCompiled CPublisherST Format
Developer[n/a]DistributorFuture Publishing
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Raine, Timothy

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe Enhanced, TT, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
ResolutionMedium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Play AVR Download / MSAMIDI

Instructions - Play AVR

AVR/SND/DVSM STe/TT/Falcon Sample Player.
By Timothy Raine. Date 15/07/95

These programs are Public Domain.


I have a large selection of AVR sample files sampled at different
frequencies. It can be quite difficult finding the correct sample
so I decided to write a program who's whole purpose in life would
be to play AVR samples.

PLAY_AVR is a AVR STe/TT/Falcon compatiable Sample Player. 
PLAY_AVR.PRG is a GEM single/multi-tasking version which can be run
in medium resolution and higher resolutions.

Falcon & TT Users Note : Their are no resolution checks in these
programs. Can Falcon & TT user's let me know about any problems as 
this program has only been tested on a Atari STe due to the 
unavailablity of a Falcon or TT computer.

The minimum memory requirements are « meg machines, but at least 
one meg machines is recommended.

These programs are designed to play any AVR sample thrown at it!
The programs will automatically perform the following transformations
on AVR samples to make them compatiable with playback on the Atari
STe/TT/Falcon range of computers :

a.   The program's will automatically convert 16 bit samples to 8 bit
     samples ready for playback.

b.   The program's will automatically resample samples which are not 
     at the playback frequencies of 6258Hz, 12517Hz, 25033Hz and 
     50066Hz. It will always resample at the nearest highest playback

c.   The program's will automatically sign an unsigned sample.

Getting Started.

The program can also be installed as an application by clicking once
on the program icon to highlight it and then selecting "Install 
Application" from the menu bar "Options". At the "Document type" line 
type in the file extension "AVR" and click on the button "Install".
Now when you want to load an AVR sample just double click on a sample
file and it will automatically load the AVR Sample Player program and
play the sample.

Note: Owners of alternative Desktop's such as "NeoDesk" can drag a 
number of samples to the program file at the same time and they will
be automatically played in order. The number of samples that can be 
played in this manner is dependent on the length's of the filepath 
for each sample.

The File Header.

The program's examine the sample file header's and extract the 
following information from them :

a.   Sample Description.
b.   Stereo or Mono Sample.
c.   Number of Bits. (8 bit or 16 bit)
d.   Signed or Unsigned Sample.
e.   Sample Frequency in Hertz.
f.   Sample Length.

From this sample header information various operations can be 
triggered which will allow the sample to be played on an Atari 
STe/TT/Falcon correctly.


PLAY AVR was written in Lattice C v5.60 over a period of about a week.
WERC's was used for all the dialogs. The program is designed to be 
foolproof - but there actually is not such a thing and problems can 
arise especially as I could not test it on a Atari TT or Falcon 

If there are any serious bugs or improvements you feel should be 
added to the program, then feel free to contact me at the following
address :

	Timothy Raine,
	33 Thornville Road,
	TS26 8EW
or Telephone on :

	01429 276329
and ask for Tim.
Bye. Now where was that sample I was looking for....

Improvements over version dated: 23/04/95.

Now resamples samples at the correct speed.

The file selector now remains at the previously selected
filepath. (This now definitely works correctly now!)
Previously worked correctly only under Geneva.

Supplied with correct resource file. Previously distributed
with incorrect resource file.

program also now supports SND(Sun,Mac, Next) files
and DVSM (Atari Falcon) files.

Added adjust volume, balance, treble and bass support.

Programmed a accessory which if used in conjunction with the
PLAY_AVR program adds Atari STF and STFM support.

Added a display sample waveform window which displays what
the sample looks like.

Added a save preferences option to the menu which allows you
to save some program defaults such as load in multi-tasking mode 
or standard dialog mode, etc. 

Various other bug fixes.

Improvements over version dated : 15/06/95

It's amazing how these bugs sneak in.

Fixed bugs to do with dialog windows closing as soon as
they are opened.
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