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Screenshots - Molgraph

Molgraph atari screenshot
Molgraph atari screenshot
Molgraph atari screenshot
Molgraph atari screenshot
Molgraph atari screenshot
Molgraph atari screenshot

Information - Molgraph

GenreEducational AidYear1990
LanguagePublisherST Club
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom 
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Forster, M. J.

SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionLow / HighNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Molgraph Download / STMIDI

Disk - Molgraph

Molgraph Atari disk scan Molgraph Atari disk scan Molgraph Atari disk scan 

Instructions - Molgraph

Last Revision 21/10/89

The disk contains the following files

MOLGRAPH.PRG   Molecular graphics display program. 
               Currently release 1.0. 
PDB_CONV.PRG   Utility to convert .PDB files to .CRD files.
               Currently v6
PDB_CRD        Folder containing molecular coordinates in
               protein data bank (PDB) and MOLGRAPH (CRD) format.
MOLDEMO2.TOS        Update of MOLDEMO1 works with both monochrome 
                    and colour DEGAS files (called PIC.001-PIC.010).
MGMANUAL.TXT        Text file explaining the operation of
                    the program in a little more detail,
1STWORD.PLS         Folder containing 1st Word+ documents
                    with molecular graphics images.
MG_DEMO.PRG     Public domain, cut down demo version 
                of MOLGRAPH for you to give to your friends,
                and encourage them to get the full program.

MG_DEMO, MOLDEMO2 are public domain but MOLGRAPH is not.
The program may only be copied for the purposes of making a
backup copy tp protect against media failure. MOLGRAPH should
not be used on more than one machine or by more than one user
at a single time.
Author: M.J.Forster.

Distributed by and available from:
Simple Logic,
49 Stoney Street,
Nottingham NG1 1LX, UK.

Instructions - Molgraph

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