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Screenshots - League Tables

League Tables atari screenshot
League Tables atari screenshot

Information - League Tables

GenreHandicapping / Sports AidYear1989
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsKeyboardCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Leetch, Rodney

SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionLowNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided
Dumpdownload atari League Tables Download / STMIDI

Instructions - League Tables

                          League Tables - Season 1989/90
                      (c) 1989 SRL - Written By Rodney Leetch

   Version: 1989/90
   Released: August 1989

   League Tables is distributed as PUBLIC DOMAIN software. You are encouraged
   to freely distribute the program to whoever you wish, but please include
   this DOC file with the program.

   About League Tables
   League Tables is a program which allows you to enter results from all four
   English Football Divisions and to see the new tables immediately. 
   All four Divisions are in use at the same time, so you can change between 
   each one at the touch of a button. You can save the current position of all
   the Divisions on disk at any time and load them back in when needed.
   The program is written in STOS Basic but you do NOT need to have STOS Basic
   present to run the game.

   How To Use The Program
   When the program first loads you will notice a line in the middle of the
   screen saying 'QUICK DATA ON'.
   In it's normal operation, 'League Tables' will only update the League you
   are on when you press the F8 button (QUICK DATA ON). This is perfect if you
   are entering scores from the TV or radio, for example, as you go along. You
   can enter all the scores in that Division then go on to the next Division
   and enter all the scores in it as well and so on, then come back when all
   the scores have been entered and press F8 to update each Division in turn.
   Pressing SHIFT and F1 together will change you to 'QUICK DATA OFF'.In this 
   mode the leagues will be updated after every result you enter. It takes
   a few seconds to update the Division so it is too slow for entering scores
   from the TV or radio but it can be used if you want to see what effect
   each result will have on the League Table when entering scores from a book
   or magazine etc.
   Pressing SHIFT and F2 together will take you back to 'QUICK DATA ON' mode.
   All the keys are shown on the first screen which you can see by pressing 
   F10. You will also see this page when you change between QUICK DATA ON and
   To enter scores just type in the teams number which corresponds to their 
   league position. Be careful because in 'QUICK DATA OFF' mode the teams 
   number will change after every score has been entered while in 'QUICK DATA  
   ON' mode the teams number will only change after you have pressed F8 to 
   sort the league. Remember to press RETURN after entering each part of the
   results.  i.e. Team 1 , Score 1 , Team 2 , Score 2

   If you get this program after the start of the 1989/90 season, just send
   œ3 to the address below and I will send you a disk with the latest tables
   on it by first class post. The price includes P+P,disk etc.
   The disk will be double sided but will be formatted single sided so both
   types of drive can use it. If you have a doubled sided drive yu can then
   reformat it double sided.
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