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Screenshots - Generic STOS Fixer

Generic STOS Fixer atari screenshot
Generic STOS Fixer atari screenshot
Generic STOS Fixer atari screenshot

Information - Generic STOS Fixer

GenreProgramming - Aids / Routines / ToolsYear1996
Language[unknown]PublisherST Format
Developer[n/a]DistributorFuture Publishing
ControlsMouseCountryUnited Kingdom
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Greenhalgh, Les / Jacques, Anthony

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe, Falcon030 / 0.5MB
ResolutionMedium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided / HD Installable
Dumpdownload atari Generic STOS Fixer Download / MSAMIDI

Instructions - Generic STOS Fixer

                          Generic STOS Fixer v1.1
     + Introduction.
     + Usage instructions.
        - drag & drop.
        - command line.
        - GEM based.
     + Limitiations.
     + Falcon Compatibility.
     + Known Bugs/problems.
     + Legal stuff.
     + Credits.
     + Contact info.
     + Advertisements.
 When STOS was  written,  it was  decided that  to improve  the speed  of  some
 commands  the addresses  of certain  routines in  the Operating  System  could
 be stored  in a  table at the beginning of the program to  prevent them having
 to be  looked up each  time it  is run.  However,  as these  addresses  change
 with  every  new  release  of  the  Operating  System STOS  had to be updated.
 While  Mandarin  still supported  STOS this  was OK,  as they  simply released
 a new  version  with  the  updated  table,  along with any bug fixes. However,
 as  Mandarin  no  longer  support  STOS  there have  been no official releases
 containing  new  tables  for  any version  of TOS  greater  than  TOS 1.62. To
 get  around this  problem,  any compiled  STOS program  can be  'fixed'  which
 simply  means  replacing the  table with a  suitable table for  the OS version
 - this is essentially what Mandarin would have done.
 At this  time,  there are  two STOS fixers available (with numerous versions),
 the latest  version of each  is called  STOS Fix 3. However,  neither of these
 is perfect.  One, by  Robert  Quezada,  only fixes  the STOS  program for  the
 CURRENT version of  TOS, thus  making it  necessary for  the end  user of  the
 program, not the author to fix the program - this seems rather unprofessional.
 The  other  (so  I am  told - I  don't have  it), from  Goodmans PDL, is  only
 available  from Goodmans, and  is not available via FTP on the internet. Also,
 it places an advert for Goodmans PDL on any STOS program fixed with it -again,
 not very professional.
 So, the solution is the Generic STOS Fixer. This fixes a  STOS program for any
 8  versions of TOS  (unfortunately,  at this time  there are 14  versions, not
 including  MagiC).  Which  versions  are used is determined by the DEFxxxx.DAT
 files in  the same  directory as  GENFIX.PRG,  where xxxx  is the  TOS version
 number, and also the settings if you have used the GEM interface.
 Supplied with this program are DEFxxxx.DAT files for all existing TOS versions
 from TOS 1.0 through to 4.92 except TOS 3.05 and 3.06 (if anyone has a TT, and
 has a joystick, please get in touch - I would  like to obtain these versions.)
 Which files are omitted  is up to the person fixing  the program (I  recommend
 authors do this before releasing software..)
 One interesting point is that if a STOS program is fixed for TOS 2.06, then it
 appears to work under GEMulator - the ST emulator  for the PC made by BraSoft.
 I am currently in the process  of trying to  establish if STOS  will run under
 STonX - the ST emulator for Unix machines (eg Linux, SGI's, Sun's etc.)  After
 the success under GEMulator, I suspect that it will work.
 Usage instructions:
 This program will work in a number of ways -
 1) Drag a file to the program  icon (TOS 2.06 or  greater required). This will
    start up the fixer, which will attempt  to fix the program. The DEFxxxx.DAT
    files will be taken from the CURRENT directory - ie. the top window if this
    option is set (or the applications directory, otherwise).
    This does  NOT start a  GEM based version,  and may well corrupt the screen
    if running under MultiTOS. (Hmmm.... I'll have to check this...)
 2) Enter the filename on the command line.This is very similar to the previous
    method. Once again,  this is not  a GEM based  method, and is  suitable for
    running from a command shell (eg BASH/KSH/CSH under MiNT).
 3) Double  click on  the program icon. This will  start up  the program  as it
    would any other.  A GEM based  shell is provided,  which eases  use of  the
    program.  Note that  it will be  difficult (if not  impossible) to use this
    method in a resolution with < 640 pixels horizontally.
    To actually perform the fixing process, select the 'Fix' button, and select
    the program to fix with the file selector. Hopefully, it should now fix the
    program.  Once the  fix has  been completed, there should  be a copy of the
    program with the file extension  renamed to .123 and  the original  program
    should now work with the specified OS versions. (see notes on compatibility
    However, before fixing it may be necessary to select which  versions of TOS
    are to be fixed for. To do this, select 'OS Versions'. This will bring up a
    second dialogue. 
    In the scrollable list on the left are  shown all of the  DEFxxxx.DAT files
    found. Any filename shown in white on black is selected,  and will  be used
    when  fixing - to [de]select  a file, click on  it with the mouse.  Up to 8
    files may be selected at any one time.
    The 'default' file is the  one which STOS will use if the  required file is
    not found. TO set this, line the file which you wish to be the default with
    this line, and press the sideways arrow.
    'Cancel' will  restore the settings to the previous  values, and  'Ok' will
    accept any changes made. It should  be noted that any  changes will  NOT be
    saved, and so may need to be done every time.
    The  default settings for this should be OK for general  purpose - if there
    are more than 8 DAT files (12 are distributed  with this release),  then as
    many OS  versions excluding TOS 1.1 and 4.92 are  selected as is  possible.
    These two are omitted as they are very rare. The  default file  is selected
    to either be the first OS version found, or if there are any 4.0x versions,
    this is chosen. This is because  the tables for 4.01, 4.02 and 4.04 are all
    identical - thus, it is a waste of space to include all 3. With the default
    settings  and  files, TOS 1.0, 1.02, 1.04, 1.06, 1.62, 2.05, 2.06  and 4.01
    should be selected.  As 4.01 is the  default, 4.02 and 4.04 should  also be
    You CAN use this program to fix the BASIC206.PRG program which launches the
    STOS editor - simply fix in exactly the same way as any other STOS program.

 This program will not  necessarily fix a program  which has already been fixed
 by either this fixer, or either of the other two fixers available - always fix
 straight after compilation to solve problems of this kind.
 Also, programs which have been packed will not be fixable - use NewDepack from
 Sinister Developments to decompress the program. (this program is no longer in
 development as SD. have left the Atari scene. However, Mike Watson of Sinister
 Developments is prepared to try and answer any questions via email.)
 Programs which use extensions may still not work after being fixed - check the
 Falcon compatibility section below for more details.
 I cannot guarantee that all programs can be fixed. However, if after fixing it
 successfully  works on your  machine, it probably works  under all OS versions
 that you have specified. If STOS Fix 3 by R.Quezada does not fix a program, it
 is highly unlikely that this program will have any more luck.
 Falcon Compatibility.
 The Falcon has a number of major changes  from the ST -  this causes  programs
 which have been written without considering  these changes  likely to  cause a
 crash.  However,  it is  possible to  write a  program in STOS  that will work
 without problems on the Falcon.
 The things to consider with regard to the Falcon are:
 1) Dont pack your program with the 'Atomic Packer' as this crashes the Falcon.
    - use  PACK ICE  instead.  (Interesting note:  in Top Notch's  Missing Link
    Extension documentation they say that the Falcon is very compatible - guess
    which packer they used to pack the install program!)
 2) Run the  Falcon with a clean  setup - hold down control while booting. This
    will start the Falcon in ST-Low  resolution, with  no desk accessories/auto
    boot programs but with the hard-drive active. Holding down 'Alternate' will
    also disable the hard-drive.
 3) Rename your program from PRG to TOS - This will cause the graphics commands
    to work better. Always do this as there is no advantage to being a PRG file
    (unless  its a  GEM  program, which  is currently  impossible  for  a  STOS
 4) When using extensions, try and use Falcon tested commands -  some extension
    authors have done some nasty things which  crash the Falcon. The  following
    extensions have been tested on the Falcon, and work without problems:
      Maestro, Control, Extra, Ninja Tracker, Falcon (obviously), Compact,
      Blitter and Compiler.
    The Missing Link works, although a couple of commands do not  - namely  the
    music/sample  playing  routines.  Also,  the 'P STOP'  command  causes  the
    keyboard handler to go a little mad (like the key repeat bug...).
    The STE Extension, and any other STE extension probably work on the Falcon,
    although there are slight differences in the way hardware  scrolling works,
    and also the lowest frequency provided on the STE DMA hardware is not valid
    so will not generate any sound.
    The  following extensions  do  NOT  work on  the Falcon,  and so  should be
      STOS Tracker (the one that uses .ABK files).
 If at  all  possible you  should try  and get  your STOS programs  tested on a
 Falcon before releasing it. However, if you cannot it is still worth doing the
 above so that you have a higher chance of it working correctly.
 Known bugs:
 Under AES 4.1 (and probably under MagiC)  when the  program is  'un-iconified'
 the  window  may  not  be  the  correct  size,  and  the  dialogue incorrectly
 There are redraw bugs an AES versions less than 3.30 (the Falcon's  AES) where
 the dialogue is draw 8 or 16 pixels too low (so I'm told). I am unable to test
 this  as this behaviour  was not  exhibited in any of the AES  versions that I
 have on my Falcon. (These are: 3.40, 4.0, 4.1, oAESis 0.6 and XaAES beta 2). 
 The entire program is  loaded into memory - thus  making it  difficult to  fix
 BIG programs on a 520 (or maybe  even 1040). [Thats fine with me - I have 4mb,
 and may soon have more! :-)]
 Legal stuff:
 This program is released as FREEWARE. As such, this program may be distributed
 in any form (PD libaries, electronic  file transfer, coverdisks etc.)  so long
 as none of the files enclosed are modified, or omitted. 
 Also, there is no waranty that this program will  work - explicit or  implied.
 This program directly modifies  program files - thus  there is a potential for
 programs to  be damaged - you  fix  programs  AT  YOUR  OWN  RISK.  Always run
 this program on a backup.
 Although this program is Freeware,  any donations  are welcome,  and would  be
 gratefully received. :-) 

 Original fixer code:    Les Greenhalgh
           (in STOS)
 C implementation:       Anthony Jacques
 DEFxxxx.DAT files
        created by:      STOS Fix 3, by Robert Quezada
 Thanks to everyone who sent me the DEFxxxx.DAT files so that I  could build up
 a complete collection... (excluding TT Tos).
 Contact info:
 Anthony Jacques:
       70 West Avenue,
       Oldfield Park
       Bath and North East Somerset (BANES)
       BA2 3QD (not sure if this is still the same after the change from Avon)
   term-time 95/96:  
       25 Balleratt Street


 Les Greenhalgh:
       24 Park Avenue
       Rudloe Manor
       SN13 0JT
 Robert Quezada:
    I have no contact address for Robert - the email address in his
    STOS Fix 3 documentation is no longer valid.

 Well, thats about all you need to know....

 Anthony Jacques, 11/2/96

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 STOS Falcon Extension v1.3 - shareware (5 pounds registration)
   +  true colour sprite routines - including NEW scale and fragment
   +  DSP playback of 4-32 channel modules at 50khz 16-bit stereo.
   +  full access to the sound system (including dsp processing).
   +  4 to 65536 colour graphics routines.
   +  Playback of FLI and FLC animations in truecolour.

 For more information, contact:
 Anthony Jacques, 70 West Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath. BA2 3QD  or
 STOS Mailing list.
 Are you a STOS user who is online? Well, if you have internet access, then you
 can join the STOS mailing list and take part in STOS discussions/ask questions
 to some  of the  best STOS  programmers  around - Martin Cubitt  author of the
 Extra Extension, ()rm of  Digi Tallis  and Anthony Jacques author  of the STOS
 Falcon Extension, as well as many other STOS programmers.

 For more information, email:
 To subscribe send a mail to: with the word subscribe in
 the body of the email.
 STOS FTP sites.
 The biggest FTP site on the  InterNET for STOS  software is STOS
 stuff can be found  in the pub/Atari/programming/STOS/ directory.  If you  are
 using a WWW-browser such as Netscape, then the address is:-
 Also worth a look  is the funet archive in Finland (I believe the address is:
                                     but I'm not certain)
 The biggest STOS related World Wide Web pages  on the STOSSER homepage and can
 be found at and contains links to all other
 STOS related pages, and has lots of information about STOS products.
 Bad Mood.
 This is an  internet project to create a Falcon  (and perhaps TT/Eagle/Medusa)
 version of Doom.  At the moment this is in its early stages, but it is already
 possible to wander around texture-mapped Doom, Doom 2 and Heretic levels. This
 is a game which ALL Falcon owners will be interested in...  It has been tested
 on both the BlowUP-FX card, and also on the Afterburner040.
 for more information, visit: or to
 join the  Bad Mood mailing list, email with the word
 subscribe in the subject line.
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