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Screenshots - DCopy

DCopy atari screenshot

Information - DCopy

Language[unknown]PublisherDouble Click Software
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Novak, Larry / Walden, Ralph E.

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionMedium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided
Dumpdownload atari DCopy DownloadMIDI

Additional Comments - DCopy

Other versions with the same title:

[no publisher] (version 1.91) (), [no publisher] (version 3.12) ().

Instructions - DCopy

              DCOPY Version 3.2   September 1, 1989

 I have been using Dcopy since the first day that I found it on 
one of the bbs's that I call.  The few bugs in it kept nagging at 
me, so I  decided to take it up on myself to disassemble the 
program and try to  fix what I could.  The following represents 
most of the 'visable'  changes that I have made to the program.  
If you know of any more that  needs to be fixed then drop me a 
 I had hoped that Ralph Walden would get interested in the ST 
world  again, but I am afraid he has gone on to other things.

 1. The Packing bug has been fixed!  Dcopy will now pack a file  
properly.  Version 1.91 would only write out the first 26 bytes of 
the packed file.

 2. The program will not go 'crazy' if you ask it to arc a file 
that is not there or an empty folder (or misspelled one).

 3. The format routines have been completely rewritten and now 
supports  (invisibly) the Mega rom format.  The Mega rom format 
will only work if  you have the new roms installed in your 

 4. The copy disk functions have been completely rewritten and now 
will copy any format disk (non copy protected) without any 
problems.  The  previous version would not do extended (10 sector 
per track) sector disks.  Note that Dcopy reads the information 
on the source disk and will format the destination disk 
accordingly.  It does not do any checking to the destination disk 
first to find out if it is already formatted properly.

 5. The mouse should behave properly now and the standard GEM file  
selector box can be used now! (Promise this time).

 6. A bug in the delete folder command that caused the system to 
crash if used a couple of times has been fixed.

 7. The buffer routines have been made 'legal' now.

 8. The Undo key has been made a quick exit.

 9. A bug in the delete file within an ARC file has been fixed.  
This only showed up if you were using the item selector box.

 10. A bug in the buffer routines has been fixed and now any size 
file can be arc'd or extracted no matter how small the 'free 
memory' buffer is.  This makes it very nice to run from within 
programs such as ST-Talk Professional which only allocate a fixed 
amount of memory to external programs from.  Many thanks to Keith 
Gerdes for finding and fixing that very elusive critter.

 11. A new command has been added to the alternate menu.  It is 
the -S command and is used when you want to store a file to a new 
or existing ARC file.  This is the same as 'A'dd without 

 12. A new feature has been added to the 'T'ype command.  You are 
now prompted to continue to search for a word after it has been 
found within the text.

 13. When using the program in the PRG mode Dcopy now remembers 
the path you were last in.  The prior versions (1.99c and before) 
had problems with this...sorry, but I think I got it fixed this 
time! Version 3.01 corrects a small bug that would only occur if 
you used the cancel button the first time thru on the item 
selector box.  (Was setting my flag at the wrong place!).

 14.  When you are viewing a text file, you are now given the 
option to print the file.  This could only be done before if Dcopy 
was ran as a TOS/TTP file because it looks for a '-' as the print 
flag, which can not be typed into the file selector box.

 15.  You are now given the option to print either the page 
(screen) or the whole text of any text file you are viewing.

 16.  A hidden command has been added.  The Clr/Home key has been 
made a toggle to go back and forth between GEM and TOS mode.

 17.  Corrected a bug in the 'W' (Change working directory) 
command that would cause Dcopy to hang up in GEM mode sometimes.  
A 'W' command will now set the default path for the file selector 
box also.

 18.  Dcopy will now check to make sure that your printer is 
online and ready when printing from within the 'T'ype command.

 19.  You can now pause a listing by hitting any key while it is 
being written to the screen.  This applies to the disk directory 
command and the view filenames in an ARC command.  Hitting any key 
will continue the original command.

 20.  You can maintain the date stamp from within an ARC file by 
using the new ALT X command.  If you want your extracted files to 
keep the same time and date as they are in the ARC'd file, then 
use this command instead of the normal eXtract.  This works in 
version 3.08!

 21.  The way the verbose listing looks has been cleaned up a 
little.  It is more in line with the way ARC.TTP shows the files.

 22.  Dcopy 3.07 is now about 2K smaller (now smaller than version 
1.91!) due to a new feature in HiSoft's DevpacST.  They added a 
feature that does a very nice job of optimizing the assembled 

 23.  Dcopy will now ARC files that are zero bytes long.

 24.  The 'S'pace command will give the correct amount of 
information on disks that only have 1 sector per cluster.

 25.  Fixed something that had bothered me for a long time.  Now 
if you are in the process of 'A'rcing a file and you have selected 
an ARC file name within the file selector box, but decide to stop 
before you choose which file to arc, you can hit either OK or 
CANCEL and it will abort. Hitting the CANCEL button before would 
write out a file governed by the free space left on your disk or 

 26.  Dcopy will now give you the familiar file selector box for 
the destination of eXtracts, Copies and Moves if ran in the 'PRG' 
mode.  If you want the destination to go into a folder, you must 
modify the directory line with the appropriate drive and folder 
name (B:\FOLDER\) and then have the selector update itself by 
clicking on the top of the window box or what I call the grey area 
of the box.  This allows the particular path that you want the 
destination files to go to get logged in.  Please note that you 
must include the last backslash for it to work properly.  Dcopy 
will ignore the extender and the filename if you are using the 
eXtract functions.  The Copy command works similar to the above, 
but you can give it a different filename if you wish.

 27.  The HELP key will now bring up the alternate menu instead of 
having to hit the ALT M keys.

 28.  A bug in the search directory command (J) has been fixed.  
You can now have any directory search be written out to a disk 
file.  Whenever you use the J command, at the filespec prompt 
enter something like *.* d:\drive_c.dir.  There must be a space 
between the * and the drive letter.  A source drive would have 
already been selected so that is the reason it did not appear in 
the example.  You can also send the listing of a drive, partition 
or folder to the printer by using -p instead of the drive letter 
and filename.  Try it, I think you will like it.

 29.  Version 3.12 now supports copy to standard output with the 
'Control I' command.  This is a variant of the 'I' command 
(extract with query), and will extract to the screen instead of to 
a disk file.  You should only choose files that you know are ascii 
to view to the screen in this manner. You can pause the screen by 
hitting any key and abort the proceedure with the escape key.

 30.  The 'where is' command is now case independent from within 
the 'T'ype command.  This means you can search for a string and it 
doesn't matter if what you are searching for is upper or lower 
case or any combination of the two.

 31.  Dcopy will now eXtract to ramdisks that will not handle odd 
address writes (DeskCart! for instance).  The Arcing routines will 
be able to write to the same ramdisk with a 50% chance of success.  
The first file will always be successful though.

 32.  The file selector box may now be toggled on and off with the 
insert key and the status of whether Dcopy is in TOS or GEM mode 
and also whether the destination file selector box is wanted is 
shown in the alternate menu now.  The alternate menu is available 
by hitting the Help key.

 33.  The menus have been changed a little so that the more 
commonly used commands show up on the main menu now.

 34.  Much thanks go out to Keith Gerdes for his Dcopy Shell 
program, which is being released with version 3.12.  It makes 
using Dcopy that much more of a pleasure.  Thanks Keith!

 35. Dcopy 3.14 now supports extracting to a folder automatically
with the Alternate Z command.  The folder will have the same name as
the ARC file.  This means that if you eXtract a file with the control
Z command which has a filename of DCOPY314.ARC, the file will automat-
ically go into a folder with the name of DCOPY314.  This is supported
two folders deep.  So if there is another ARC file within the file that
you are eXtracting, a folder will be created within the first folder
and that arc will automatically be extracted and then deleted.

 36. The copy to std output now supports the printer as well as the
screen.  The F1 key will toggle between screen and printer and the 
current choice is displayed in the alternate menu screen.

 37. In the TYPE buffer, the command CONTROL W will remember the last
string searched on and automatically begin searching again for that 
string from the present point in the buffer.

 38. The copy to std output will stay within the selected .ARC file
now when the current file is aborted with the ESC key.  Prior versions
would abort back to the main menu and you would be forced to go thru
the whole .ARC file again if you wished to view something 'deeper'
within the  .ARC file.  If you abort while viewing a large file, then
there will be a fairly long pause while Dcopy 'finds' the beginning of
the next filename within the .ARC file.

 39. Added the extender .ASC to the list of files that will be asked
to be viewed after eXtraction.

 40. The F10 command line key now behaves more like Dcopy does when
it is in TOS mode.  You can send a verbose listing of an ARC file to
a disk file or the printer in one command by hitting the F10 key and
typing in something like v d:\filename.arc d:\verbose.lst.  This
would create a file with the name verbose.lst on drive d with the
listing of the contents of the file named filename.arc.  You can
direct the listing to the printer by specifying the letter P as the
destination path (v d:\filename.arc p).  This also works very well
with the directory command also.  Dcopy will automatically add the
extender .ARC to the source filename if you want to leave it off.

 41. The GEM and destination selector box (DSB) toggles have been tied
together so they are a little easier to use.

 42.  A bug has been fixed in the save file feature within the 'T'ype
command.  Dcopy will now save the file out properly no matter where
you are within the file.

 43.  Dcopy behaves better with other shell programs like ArcShell,
especially when called from the desktop as an installed application.

 44. Word Writer ST files are displayed properly now within the 'T'ype
command.  Prior versions would display the 'tab' bar at the beginning
of the file.

 45. The save date eXtract has been changed to a toggle command so it
can be used with all of the extracting commands.  F2 will toggle the
save date command on and off.  The default is off, so whenever an .ARC
file is eXtracted, the file(s) will be date stamped with the current
date/time of your computer.  If it is turned on, then the files will
be stamped with the date of the individual files within the .ARC

 46. The eXtract to folder command has been changed from Alternate Z
to Alternate X to make it more logical with the eXtracting commands.

 47. You are now given a prompt to delete the .ARC file after the
files have been eXtracted.

 48. Fixed a minor bug in the Hex Dump (-h) command that would appear
when you were viewing the end of a file.  Now Dcopy knows where the
end occurs.

 49. Removed all of the 8 bit text manipulation routines to make Dcopy
smaller.  I don't feel this will upset any one and if it does they can
always use an earlier version than 3.16.


 50. Thanks to Paul Lee and Keith Gerdes, Dcopy now has the ability to
unSQUASH files that have been squashed with version 5.12 of ARC.TTP. 
This makes Dcopy compatible with ALL of the ARC.TTP compression
routines.  No need to use ARC.TTP anymore!!

 51. Due to the number of complaints received about the delete .ARC
after eXtract, this prompt has been removed in version 3.2.  I also put
the F10 command line routines back to the way they were in version 3.14
due to some conflicts with programs like Arcit.  This means you can
forget what line 40 above says :->.

 If you would like to leave me a message or have any comments 
about  what I have done, I can be reached on the following 

           GEnie                     Floppy Wizard BBS           
          L.NOVAK                     (713) 827-8041

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