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Screenshots - Convert PM

Convert PM atari screenshot
Convert PM atari screenshot

Information - Convert PM

GenreGraphics - MiscellaneousYear
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
Box / InstructionsEnglishSoftwareEnglish

Roux, Raymond

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
SerialST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
ResolutionLow / Medium / HighNumber of Disks1 / Single Sided
Dumpdownload atari Convert PM DownloadMIDI

Additional Comments - Convert PM

Program to convert Printmaster files between ST and PC.

Instructions - Convert PM

  			    Convert PM  Ver 1.5
		     A PrintMaster Graphics Converter

		            by Raymond Roux

	The Convert PM program allows you to easily convert 
	ST PrintMaster graphics libraries and borders to/from
        PrintMaster for the IBM.  There are lots of public domain
        IBM PrintMaster graphics and borders available, this gives 
        you access to them! 

        All three screen resolutions are supported.  You must have 
        at least 180,000 bytes of free RAM, and a graphics library 
        cannot have more than 200 graphics in it.

	After starting up the program, an alert box is displayed that
	asks the machine you want to convert FROM.  Next, an alert box
        will ask what you want to convert, graphics or borders.

	A file selector box is then displayed.  Select the PrintMaster 
        graphics library or border library that you wish to convert.
        The library will be loaded into memory and then another file
        selector box will be displayed to get the name of what you
        want to call the converted file.  Don't bother entering an
        extender, the program will always put the appropriate extender
        on the files.

        That's it!  If you have any suggestions or problems, contact me
	on GEnie (R.ROUX) or Compuserve (75056,2103)


	Ray Roux
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