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Screenshots - Yahtzee

Yahtzee atari screenshot
Yahtzee atari screenshot

Information - Yahtzee

GenreGambling - DiceYear1993
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionMedium / HighLicensed from

Nabity, Ron

Graphic Artist(s)

Nabity, Ron

Game design

Nabity, Ron

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 0.5MB
DumpMISSINGNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Yahtzee

              Yahtzee for Atari TOS Computers
                    by Ron Nabity - 1993


       YAHTZEE.PRG   <=== Game program
       YAHTZEEC.DAT  <=== Required for color systems
       YAHTZEEM.DAT  <=== Required for mono systems
       HI_SCORE.YAT  <=== Optional
       YAHTZEE.DOC   <=== You're reading this file right now

Yahtzee will run in both color (medium resolution) and
monochrome. Yahtzee allows up to 10 players per game. The program
will keep track of player turns, automatically add up scores and
will update the Top Ten Scores file at the end of a game. This
program was written in GFA BASIC Version 3.5.

You have to know how to play Yahtzee (who doesn't?) to use this
program. If you are learning the game, this program will help you
get used to the rules. Run YAHTZEE.PRG in either medium or high
resolution. The game begins by rolling a Yahtzee and then the
player control panel appears. Select the number of players by
left-clicking on the desired number. When selected, it will
reverse color. To enter player names, left-click anywhere in the
player name box. The title box will reverse colors to tell you
that you may now enter player names. Up to 22 characters per name
are allowed. When you have finished the first name, hit RETURN
and the cursor will move to the next line. When you have entered
the number of names that you selected, the title box will reverse
color again and the mouse arrow will be active again. You may re-
enter the player name area to edit any names before starting the
game. If you do not enter a name, the program will assign a name
for you. When you are finished, left-click on the Yahtzee Box
that shows "Start Game". 

The Yahtzee Box in the upper right corner of the screen will tell
you how many rolls you have left; this box also activates the
dice roll. Left-click in this box to roll dice. After the dice
stop rolling, you may do one of two things:
  1) RE-ROLL DICE: Left-click on any dice that you wish to throw
again. When you select a die, it will disappear. If you
accidentally select the wrong die, you may left-click in that
space and the die will return. When you have selected the dice to
throw again, left-click on the Yahtzee Box to re-roll.
  2) POST A SCORE: The center area shows the available scores for
the dice. It will show the score value, followed by the
appropriate score type. For example, "18 Sixes" means you could
post 18 points in the SIXES score type. The center area will only
show the score types that are available. Once you fill a score
type, it is no longer available. This applies to Zero scores too.
If you post a score and change your mind, you may post another
score or select dice to re-roll. This is handy for playing "what-
if" with scores.

After a maximum of three rolls, you will be required to post a
score. Once you post your score, click on the Yahtzee Box and it
will lock in your score. The next player's name and scores will
appear and they will be able to take their first roll. Play
continues until all players have filled their score cards.

When you have completed a full round, the program will display
all players' names and scores, as well as the TOP TEN SCORES. If
any of the player's scores were higher than any of the Top Ten
Scores, the program will display their placement on this list

At this point, you can choose to play another game or stop the
program. Select your choice in the Yahtzee Box. If you choose to
play another game, you will be able to select a different set of
players or continue with the same ones. 

To interrupt a game in mid-play, press Control-Q at any time. You
will be asked if you want to start over or quit or return to the
game. Select your preference.

If no HI_SCORE file exists, the program will create one for you.
If you are tired of the Top Ten you have and would like to start
this list over again, simply delete or rename this file.

This program is free - you may share it as long as you do not
accept money for it. If you like playing it so much that you just
have to pay someone something for it, then send a small donation
to the Cub Scouts, at the address below. This Cub Scout Pack 
provides wholesome and positive experiences for about 50 boys,
ages 6 - 12. Some of these kids would not get much of an 
opportunity in life any other way.

Please send to:    Cub Scout Pack 414
                   c/o 2334 Irvin Way
                   Sacramento, CA  95822

Happy Atari-ing, and may all your days be Yahtzees!
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