Wolfenstein 3D

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Steve - 24/01/2015
absolutely blown away by this on the STe. I never thought an ST could do this game! I can only wonder how the Falcon runs this....

Ace on the STE!

Screenshots - Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot
Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot
Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot
Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot
Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot
Wolfenstein 3D atari screenshot

Information - Wolfenstein 3D

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear2005
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
Players1DeveloperSirius Cybernetics Corp. (The) (TSCC)
ResolutionLow / VGA / RGBLicensed from-

Dratwa, Reimund [Ray]

Graphic Artist(s)

Clue / C-Rem
Flash (The Naughty Bytes) / Dratwa, Reimund [Ray]
Larnac, Sebastien [ST Survivor]

Game design

ID Software

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Stempell, Mathieu [DMA-SC]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Everts, Scott

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe Enhanced, Falcon030 / 2MB
MIDIVersion0.8a Beta
Dumpdownload atari Wolfenstein 3D Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Wolfenstein 3D

See P. Putnik's site for adapted versions for hardware like HxC Floppy Emulator, Atari harddisk, TT, Falcon030 and more: The Atari ST Game Archive

Instructions - Wolfenstein 3D

= == @@@@@@ ================================================================== =
 .@@@@@@@@@@@o.   o@@@@@.         [  .the .sirius .cybernetics .corp  ]
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ .@@@@@@@@@@.      low-tech atari cyberpunks since 1990!
@@@@@  @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@
@@@@'  @@@@@@@@ @@@O @@@@@@@           ... is proud to present ...
 @@@   @@@@@@@@ :@@O @@@@@@
   '   @@@@@@@@   O@ @@@@@@    [  Wolfenstein 3D - ST conversion!  v0.8a  ]
 bring @@@@@@@@  @@@:@@@@@@_____  ___________________________   ________________
  down @@@@@@@@ @@@@@@|     |  /  \   __|   __|     |  ,__|  |__\   __\__/     /
 the   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|  /  |  |__|  ___|  ___\  /  |___  |  ___|  ___\  |  |  |
   3rd @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|: |  |: |  /: |3D|:    |: |  |: \  |: \  |:    |: |: |  |
 Reich O@@@@@@@@@@@@@@|_____\_____|__\ST\_____\__|__\_____|_____\_____\__\__|__\
= === '@@@@@@@@' @@@@@@' =============================================== ltk = =


1.0 The story
2.0 System requirements
3.0 The game
    3.1 Running Wolfenstein 3D
    3.2 Playing Wolfenstein 3D
    3.3 Your Current Status
    3.4 Finishing a Level
    3.5 Other Things To Know
    3.6 Survival tips
4.0 Credit where credit is due

= [ 1.0 - The story ] ======================================================== =

Our Story So Far,

You are B. J. Blazkowicz, the greatest spy and biggest risk-taker the Allied
forces have ever known. The Second World War has been raging for two years, and
your mission was to infiltrate the Nazi fortress Castle Hollehammer and retrieve
Hitler's twisted plans for building the perfect army.
Rumors have it that one of Hitler's most maniacal scientists, Dr. Schabbs, has
perfected a technique for building fierce armies from the bodies of the dead.

As bizzarre and unreal as it sounds, you were sent to investigate. You failed.
Captured as you attempted to grab the plans, you were taken to the Nazi prison,
Castle Wolfenstein, for questioning and certain execution. You've been held here
for twelve long days, deep in the dungeons beneath the castle. Just beyond your
cell door sits a single brutish Nazi guard, who helped torture you a few hours
ago with a cattle prod.

You can't take it anymore! Quivering pathetically in the corner, you beg for
medical care in exchange for information. The guard smugly grins and reaches for
his keys. He opens the cell door, the tumblers in the lock grinding noisily,
the sound echoing down the dark corridors. 
The door squeaks open... the guard comes through...

A quick blow to the knee takes him down. You grab his knife and finish him
quietly. Standing over him, you quickly take his gun. Trapped in the bowels of
the Nazi prison, you must escape. If you fail, you will surely die.

= [ 2.0 System Requirements ] ================================================ =

Wolfenstein 3D requires an Atari (Mega) ST(e)/TT 030 or Falcon030 system with at
least 2MB of memory and a color monitor, both RGB and VGA being supported.

A Mega STe or a faster machine is preferred for the high detail mode.

A note to (Mega) ST users: A TOS version equal to or newer than 1.04 is strongly
recommended as Wolfenstein 3D has _not_ been tested on anything below and i've
been told there are various oddities with GEMDOS Malloc() calls (perhaps try out
the poolfix.prg patch in case) below TOS 1.04.

MultiTOS, other MiNT based multitasting OSes or MagiX are _not_ assured to run
Wolfenstein 3D flawlessly, either. Booting into a clean SingleTOS is generally
recommended if you encounter any sort of oddities.
Note: I do not have enough time to bother fixing the game for each possible OS
configuration, sorry...in fact i don't care very much either.

Wolfenstein 3D should come with the following items in one folder, which we'll
call "Wolfenstein 3D".

	docs\			A folder containing text regarding the game
		wolf3d.txt	This documentation
		changes.txt	Development snapshot and technical documentation
		bugs.txt	Known bug issues

	wolf3d.prg		The game application itself
	wolfprfs		User preferences
	wolfmsx.pak             A file containing all the game music
	wolfsfx.pak             A file containing all the game sound effects
	wolfgfx.pak             A file containing all the game graphics
	wolfmps.pak		A file containing all the game scenarios

= [ 3.0 The game ] =========================================================== =
= [ 3.1 Running Wolfenstein 3D ] ============================================= =

After starting Wolfenstein 3d the screen will go to black and an intro of logos
and title screens will begin, as well as the theme music. Press SPACE to quickly
skip through a screen or ESCAPE to skip the complete intro.

You'll now be presented a screen which let's you choose one of seven scenarios.
Having done so you'll enter the difficulty settings screen. The hardest level is
"I am death incarnate!" and it takes getting used to, to say the least. Select
one by highlighting and clicking "OK".

The screen will now fade to black and you'll be warned to "Get Psyched!" while
the game loads. It takes a moment, so be patient. As soon as the game finishes
loading, the 3D world of Wolfenstein 3D will appear on screen for you to roam
around in. Enjoy!

= [ 3.2 Playing Wolfenstein 3D ] ============================================= =

The controls for moving around in Wolfenstein 3D are:

	Function			Key
	Move forward			Keypad, Up Arrow
	Move backward			Keypad, Down Arrow
	Turn left			Keypad, Left Arrow,
	Turn right			Keypad, Right Arrow
	Move (slide) left		Alt + Keypad, Left Arrow
	Move (slide) right		Alt + Keypad, Right Arrow
	Fire weapon			Control
	Run				Left Shift
	Open door/flip switch		Space Bar
	Pause game			Escape

Once you've paused the game you can press Q/A (french keyboard) to leave the
game or N to start a new game.

You start the game with a knife and a pistol. Over time, you can pick up more
weapons. The number keys on the keyboard select which weapon you'd like to use,
if you have it.

	Weapon				Key

	Knife				1
	Pistol				2
	Machine gun			3
	Chain gun			4
	Flamethrower			5
	Rocket launcher			6

The higher the number, in general, the more powerful the weapon is. For rapid
fire weapons, holding down the fire key will continue firing until you let go.

Along with enemies you might encounter, there are also objects you can pick up.
These are:

	Bullets		A small blue box. These increase your available
			ammunition for the pistol, machine gun, and chain
			gun. Five bullets each box.

	First aid kit	A white and blue box with a red cross. This fixes up
			some of your wounds, if you're hurt. Adds 25% to
			your health (100% maximum).

	Food		A plate of food. This will help your health a little
			bit, but not as much as a first aid kit. Adds 10% to
			your health (100% maximum).

	Weapons		These look like the weapon they are: machine gun,
			chain gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher. You
			won't find knives or pistols lying around, though.
			The Nazis are better armed than that anyway.

	Backpacks	These contain ammo, and will increase your
			carrying capacity.

	Keys		Keys unlock locked doors. Sometimes there's
			really awesome stuff behind locked doors. Other
			times, it's a brigade of stormtroopers, looking to
			wipe you out.

	Treasure	The Nazis love treasure almost as much as they
			love killing. There's lots of valuable goodies
			scattered around Wolfenstein Castle, including
			crosses, chests, and goblets. Snag it when you see
			it for points and fortune! Collect 50 treasures to
			get an extra life!

	Gas		These cans of gas fuel the flamethrower.

	Rockets		Rockets are additional firepower for your
			rocket launcher.

	Power-ups	A picture of yourself in a sphere. Gives you full
			health and another life!

To pick up an object, walk over it. Once you have a key, you can open the
corresponding door using the space bar, just as if it were an ordinary door.
Keys are the same color as the lock they match.

= [ 3.3 Your Current Status ] ================================================ =

At the bottom of the screen is the status bar, which has several important
pieces of information on it.

	Floor		Which floor of the Castle Wolfenstein you're on.

	Score		The number of points you have. You gain points by
			killing bad guys and as bonus points computed at
			the end of the level based on your performance.
			Every 40,000 points gains you an extra life, and
			collecting 50 treasures does, too.

	Item		The number of treasures you've picked up on this
			floor. Collect 50 to get an extra life.

	Lives		The number next to your head is the number of lives
			you have left. You start each episode with three
			lives. If you die, you'll restart the level with
			only the pistol and eight bullets (unless you're in
			"Can I Play, Daddy?" mode).

	Health		When you start Wolfenstein 3D, you have 100%
			health. Every time you are hit, you lose health.
			Your health is indicated not just as a percentage,
			but also in the condition of your face. You'll look
			more and more hurt as your health gets worse. Grab
			some food or a first aid kit to heal up some.

	Ammo		The amount of ammunition you have for the current
			weapon. You can carry up to 99 bullets. Be sure to
			pick up the ammo left behind when you kill someone.
			If you run out of ammo, and don't have another
			weapon with the right ammo, you're stuck with the
			knife. A backpack will increase your carrying

	Rewards		After you finish a level, a Bonus Screen will
			evaluate your performance. Hidden rooms located,
			ratio of kills and percentage of treasure found
			will be computed; every 100% ratio will add 10,000
			points to your score.

= [ 2.4 The Bad Guys ] ======================================================= =

Anything that moves is bad. Here's a summary of all of them.

	Guards		These brown-uniformed bullies aren't all that
			tough, but they're everywhere.

	SS		Members of the SS wear blue uniforms with
			bullet-proof vests and carry machine guns.

	Killer Dogs	These attack dogs will go for the throat, so take
			'em down fast.

	Mutants		The horrible results of Dr. Schabbs' experiments,
			these three-armed freaks are designed to kill.

	Dr. Schabbs	Totally insane, and he'll be trying to turn you
			into a mutant, so watch for flying syringes!

	Officers	Wearing white uniforms, these clever officers are

	Adolf Hitler	This guy is the epitome of evil, and armed to the

= [ 3.4 Finishing a level ] ================================================== =

When you've wandered everywhere there is to wander, and found every secret
door you can find, locate the elevator, go in, and flip the switch to go to
the next level. You'll be presented with statistics on how well you did on
the level. Once you've finished the game, you'll be presented with
congratulations! Otherwise, just hit space to progress to the next level.

= [ 3.5 Other things to know ] =============================================== =

You can quit the game by pressing Escape during the scenario selection

Pressing Escape during the game will invoke a pause, any other key will
then resume play.

While you're in the automap, you can scroll around using the Arrow keys.
Press Tab to exit the map.

To resize the screen, press the +/- keys right on your Numpad. Resizing
the screen may take a while on 8MHZ machines, so be patient.

Strike the '*' key to toggle between high and low detail mode. The high
detail mode is generally meant for faster machines but it may do fine on
8MHZ if you decrease the screen size at the same time.

= [ 3.6 Survival tips ] ====================================================== =

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while playing
Wolfenstein 3D.

First, the bad guys can hear you, so if you make a lot of noise, they
will come looking for you. You can tell when they've noticed you by
their shouting.

They'll also usually come after you if they see or hear you coming into
the same room with them.

If you're in bad health, don't feel too proud - even dog food is better
than death.

= [ 4.0 Credit where credit is due ] ========================================= =

It has been a great effort to finally finish this project after so long.
First of all thanks to id Software, for creatong the original
Wolfenstein 3D.

Additionally, extra special thanks have to be spelled out to DMA-SC for
doing such a great job in convertoing the game tunes by hand and the
Apple IIgs group ninjaforce for providing the complete set of game

        Original idea
                id Software

        Map and Level data
                Logicware, Inc.

        Graphics & Sound

                Clue / Ninjaforce Entertainment

	.tSCc. logo
		C-Rem (using degaSTE by SWE)

	Graphic reworks

		Flash of TNB
		ST Survivor

                DMA-SC / Sector One

        Sound FX
                Scott Everts



		various sceners, still in progress

For any requests regarding Wolfenstein 3D, especially bugreports contact me via

eml: ray@tscc.de
irc: ircnet server -> #atariscne -> ray-tscc
www: http://ray.tscc.de

= [ eof ] ==================================================================== =

Trivia - Wolfenstein 3D

Conversion - Atari Jaguar

Wolfenstein 3D Trivia

Features up to 57 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen) on STe
Features up to 49 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen) on ST
Features up to 38 colours on-screen simultaneously (options or static screen) on STe
Features up to 32 colours on-screen simultaneously (options or static screen) on ST
Features up to 28 colours on-screen simultaneously (in-game) on STe
Features up to 25 colours on-screen simultaneously (in-game) on ST

Features digitized sound fx at 12.5KHz on STe
Features digitized sound fx at 3.2KHz on ST

Supports STe DMA sound
Supports STe palette

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