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Information - ST Hack

GenreAdventure - RPG (2-D)Year1986
Language[unknown]Publisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLow / Medium / HighLicensed from

Black, Rodney

Graphic Artist(s)


Game design

Fenlason, Jay

Box / Instructions


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FXSerial
Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari ST Hack Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - ST Hack

|@|  You are being digested by a mysterious monster --More--
Welcome to ....

               PC HACK version 1.03 for MSDOS(tm) computers

                              June 27, 1986

To: All
Re: ST HACK 1.03c

	What follows is the file for PC HACK, altered to reflect
	the changes required to adapt the game to the Atari 520/1040 ST.

	This is the full UNIX version 1.03 with a several enhancements.
		1) ST HACK can use graphics characters for the dungeon.
		2) Ramdisk support.
		3) A bunch of new options.  Pack sorting, confirmation before
		   hitting tame monsters, turning the bell off, whether you
		   pick up everything you step on, or just look at it. Keypad
		   key use for easy movement.
		4) Some protection against disk full problems.
		5) Another way to survive cockatrice attacks.

	The documentation HACK103.TXT is in STWRITER format, so you can print
	it any way you want.

Configuration Overview

	Basically, people with HardDisks will want to create the
	directory: \GAMES\HACK for the ST HACK support files (of
	course, you can choose your own directory names, but for this
	short discussion, assume these names).  Copy all files (including
	HACK103.TTP) into \GAMES\HACK.  Edit the HACK103.CNF file
	to put in your player name and other options.  Select the HACK103
	icon, enter any temporary game settings you desire and you should
	be playing.
	People with floppy only systems will want to keep all ST HACK files
	on one floppy (called the "GAME" disk), and have 2 extra formatted
	floppies, one called "LEVELS" and one called "SAVE".  The SAVE floppy
	will store saved games and will be swapped with the GAME disk in drive
	"A" at the appropriate times.  The LEVELS floppy will be in "B" drive.
	If you don't have any saved games yet, or you don't want to restart
	from a saved game, you can leave the GAME disk in drive "A" even when
	ST HACK asks you to insert the SAVE disk.  If you have more than 2
	floppy drives, all 3 diskettes can be used at the same time.

	Requirements: I have only tried this on a 1 Mbyte 520 ST with one
	single sided floppy.  I have also not made it through all 20+ levels,
	but I think that what follows will work.

	a) a 512 Kbyte, 520 ST, without TOS in PROM.  You might be out of luck
	to be able to play at all (the limiting factor is fitting TOS, ST HACK,
	and its data, in 512 Kbytes).  But you can try.  If you have two drives,
	use both (as described above).  If you have one double sided drive,
	use it for all three disks.  If you have one single sided drive, place
	the HH, HELP, DATA, and RUMORS files on both the "GAME" disk and the
	"LEVELS" disk.  Combine the "LEVELS" and the "SAVE" disk.  You might
	be able to play	several levels before you fill the disk (each level
	uses 11-15 Kbytes).  At the insert save disk prompt, put this disk in
	the drive and leave it there for the duration.

	b) a 512 Kbyte, 520 ST, with TOS in PROM.  You should have enough
	memory to play the game, but you could be limited by disk capacity,
	if you have only a single sided drive.  You could try playing as
	described for a) or use as large a RAM disk as you can (~100 Kbytes)
	and call it your second drive.  On single drive systems with a RAM
	disk, you don't gain much by setting the RAMDISK option as opposed
	to putting the LEVELS files on the RAMDISK.

	c) a 1 Mbyte system.  On single drive systems allocate at least
	a full drive (360 Kbytes) for a RAM disk to hold the "LEVELS" files.
	Place the support files (from a) above) on the "SAVE" disk.

	However you configure your drives, edit the HACK103.CNF file and put
	the appropriate drive designations in the "possible two floppy"

	The documentation HACK103.TXT has details for configuration of
	ST HACK for your system.

Known bugs:

	1) the scores can be written all right, but not always read correctly.
	This appears to be a problem in the Lattice library for scanf.

To: All beginner HACKERS
Re: An overview and some hints

	There is a special section in HACK103.TXT called
		"Hints for beginner HACKERS"
	This is for people who have never played HACK or ROGUE
	before and want a description of what they can do in HACK.


The above was taken from the MS-DOS READ.ME file for PC HACK, and modified
		Rodney Black
		149 South Carter Court
		Louisville, CO 80027

Credit must be given to the original author.  (He got it to run in an MS-DOS
environment.  I just adapted it for TOS.):

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