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Screenshots - Ping 2000

Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot
Ping 2000 atari screenshot

Information - Ping 2000

GenreArcade - Breakout / Pong / CircusYear1995
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherHolland Game Design
ControlsJagpad, JoystickDistributor-
Players1, 2+DeveloperHolland Game Design
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from

Van der Leij, Joost G.

Graphic Artist(s)

Van Scheijndel, E. / Van der Leij, Joost G.

Game design

Van der Leij, Joost G.

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicenseGame Demo or Preview - Commercial
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Ping 2000 Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Additional Comments - Ping 2000

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Holland Game Design (), Holland Game Design (version [preview 1994]) ().

Instructions - Ping 2000

Excuses for bad english, full version has corrected english.

How to play PING 2000

PING 2000 is played either with the joystick or the new Atari 
joypads. You can play with both at the same time, no need to 
change parameters. 
     You start PING 2000 by clicking PING2000.PRG twice after you  
have copied every file into the same directory on your harddisk. 
You see a little rubble at first: this does not mean you machi- 
ne has crashed; your game is loading fine. After some time the 
music comes on and the title screen appears. Press fire (joypad 
button A) to continue.
      You now enter the selection screen. You can choose between 
	Pressing  on the selection screen clears the saved games and 
beasty mode setting. The porces is inreversible so be careful when 
you press it.
	Pressing (r) during the game returns the game to the selection 
     PING 2000 starts a one player game of you against the 
computer. You play the right bat. You are presented with a selec- 
tion screen with saved starting points and a ºjust startº option. 
Just start will take you to the first level. Other options bring 
you to the designated level. After that the information screen 
comes up, you can press fire button, and wait for the main game. 
As it starts the ball is hanging at the upper end of the stage. 
You can move it left and right, or release it by pressing the 
fire button.
     If you release it the ball will fall towards a central objet, 
on which it will bounce to your side! So be prepared by 
moving up and down to position your bat. After this your on 
your own.
     The ball will bounce against all non-moving obstacles. It 
will also bounce back from the front of your and the computers 
bat, but it will bounce up or down if you try to get it on your 
top or bottom of your bat. Be quick: react!
     If the ball bounces against the nasty companion or the litt- 
le diamond, it will be altered in it's path in quite a random way, 
so watch out if the ball is heading towards one. The gas cloud in 
itself is neutral: it might harm you, or protect you; it might 
harm the computer or protect it.
     The diamonds are power-ups or power-downs. You can enable 
most power-ups by hitting it with the ball AND being the last bat 
actually touching the ball. If the computer touches the ball last 
most of the power-ups will be cancelled. In all cases the next 
power-up will be released to drift into the stage.
     The black diamond gives your bat greater speed. This can be 
positive as you can get the ball easier, or negative because the 
speed you are used to is altered.
     The blue diamond slows your bat down. If you had taken the 
black diamond speeds is back to normal, otherwise you have just 
become a little slow.
     The green diamond gives you an extra life. Extra lifes will 
appear in the next round.
     The bright green diamond creates a very fast ball. The ball 
will automatically change it's direction toward the enemy, but 
if the enemy bounces it or the ball bounces against something 
different, have lighting reflexes or expect hell to pay.
     The red diamond creates a slow ball. If you just had fast 
ball than the ball will return to normal speed, if not then the 
ball is just going a little bit slower, although this doesn't 
mean it's neccesary easier!
     The bright red diamond wil make the ball fall. If the ball 
falls on the enemies side you're saved and are of to the next 
test, but if it's on your side doom is your fate.
     If the ball thouches either the left or the right side it 
will fall. If it's the left side you win and move on to the next 
test. if it's the right side: pity you but you have lost a life 
and must try again.
     Lives left are displayed at the right upper corner. For 
every three test made an extra life is awarded.

PING DUEL is in all respects the same as PING 2000, except for 
the small detail you'll need a friend to play. It's one on one in 
the Ping arena. All power-ups automatically fall to the one whose 
bat last touched the ball. Ball out is randomly distributed 
between the two players. It also bounces randomly from the central 
object. You can play it until one player lost his last life after 
which victory and (almost) ever lasting glory goes to the other

PING CLASSIC gives you the traditional ping game and let you play 
against the computer. If you win the computer gets a little bet- 
ter, if you lose the computer gets a little slower. A life is 
awarded for every three wins. 

Quit to GEM quits the game, as the name suggests and returns 
to the desktop from which you launched PING2000.PRG. Screen reso- 
lution and colours are restored.

Sound setting. Before running ping2000.prg you can set the sound 
level with the Sound Setup in the Control Panel. PING 2000 has 
been set up to not blow your boxes if you set sound level to 15.

Book / Magazine Reviews - Ping 2000

 ST Format · June, 1995Rating: 60% 

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 Atari World · July, 1995Rating: 4 Worlds 

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