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Painter atari screenshot
Painter atari screenshot
Painter atari screenshot

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GenreArcade - QixYear
Language[unknown]PublisherSinister Developments
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor
Players1DeveloperSinister Developments
ResolutionLowLicensed from

Cowan, David / Gibson, Gordon

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Colquhoun, Dannie / Gibson, Gordon
Fox / Macmillan, Alasdair

Game design


Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
MIDIVersionFinal Version
Dumpdownload atari Painter Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

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Other version with the same title:

ST Format (United Kingdom).

Instructions - Painter


           ATARI ST Game Code
     (C) 1993 Sinister Developments

Contents :

There should be 9 files :


Hard Disk Installation :

Simply copy the programs  to a folder on
your hard disk, and  ensure  that all of
the files are  there.   For those people
with  large  fast   drives,  who  aren't
bothered about space,  simply depack all
of the  *.DAT  files  using  one  of the
myriad of depackers on the PD circuit.

Instructions :

Guide  your  player  (the  little  white
mouse/blobby thing) around the grid.  As
you pass over  the  grid  it will change
colour.  The  idea  of  the  game  is to
colour all of the lines, thus filling in
the enclosed rectangles.

Also, avoid the baddies.  These guys are
intelligent, and home in on you.

Note : Sometimes not all  of the grid is
visible.  When the  grid  flashes  up at
the beginning of a  level,  take note of
where all of the lines go.

You  are  not   completely  defenseless,
however.   When  you   press   the  fire
button, your player will  drop a hole in
the grid.   This  prevents  nasties from
following you,  but  beware  -  it  also
stops you from doubling back !

Hints :
        Use  the   limitations   of  the
nasties against them.  They  are only so
intelligent, and they  will  always take
the most direct route  to you (sometimes
to their peril).

        If you  suspect  that  there are
hidden lines on  the  grid,  watch where
the nasties go - they can see the lines.

Key Controls :

When the game initially  loads, you will
be presented with  a  language selection
screen  -  this   determines   in  which
language   the    following    shareware
messages are displayed.

The  main  menu  system  allows  you  to
select  an  option   by   pressing  the
appropriate key (displayed  at  the left
hand side of  the  option  -  normally a
function key).  It  is  also possible to
use either the joystick or the currently
defined  movement  keys   to   move  the

The main intro screen  has 5 options.  A
list of the  options  and  their meaning
follows :

F1 - One Player Start
        This option starts the game.
F2 - Redefine Keys
        This option allows the player to
        alter the movement  keys used in
        the intro and in  the game.  The
        program will  display  a prompt,
        and the player should simply hit
        the appropriate key.
F3 - Options
        This takes the  player  on  to a
        sub menu.
     F1 - Control Method
        Allows the user  to select which
        control method will  be  used in
        the game.  You  can choose keys,
        joystick 0/1 or  if  you are not
        sure on  the  joystick  number -
        either joystick
     F2 - Lives X
        If  the  game   is  getting  too
        difficult, the player  can start
        the game with up to 9 lives.
     F3 - Intro Music On/Off
        Turns off the soundtracker music
        in the intro.
     F4 - Game Music/FX/Silent
        Allows  the  player   to  select
        either    soundtracker    music,
        samples or  silence  during  the
     F9 - Save Preferences
        This option  saves  all  of  the
        settings from this sub-menu, and
        also saves the current redefined
        keys to a file  on disk.  Please
        ensure   that    there    is   a
        formatted disk in the drive, and
        that it is write-enabled.
     F10 - Main Menu
        Pretty self explanatory !
F4 - Enter Password
        When you  complete  a  number of
        levels, you are presented with a
        password.   This  password  will
        allow you to  start  the game at
        the level at  which you finished
        last  session.    Simply  select
        "Enter Password" and type in the
        password.   The   computer  will
        tell you if  it  correct, and if
        so which level  you  are allowed
        to start on.  This password then
        sets the default starting level,
        so if you die  after a game, you
        can still  restart  at  the  new
F5 - Load Levels From Disk
        This option allows you to load a
        level file from  disk.   This is
        used when you get any new levels
        or if you create any of your own
        levels  on  the  level  designer
        (available when you register).
F6 - Save High Scores
        There are two  high score tables
        in Space Invaders.  The first is
        an "All Time High Scores" table,
        and is loaded from disk when the
        game is  initially  loaded.  The
        other is a "Today's High Scores"
        table which is  reset every time
        the  game  is  loaded.   If  you
        select  the  Save   High  Scores
        option, then only  the  All Time
        table will be saved to disk.
        Please ensure  that  there  is a
        formatted disk in the drive, and
        that it is write-enabled.
F10 - Return to Desktop
        Quit, basically !

The Default Keyboard settings are :

Up      :       Q
Down    :       A
Left    :       O
Right   :       P
Fire    :       Space
Pause   :       Help
Abort   :       Undo

All Sinister Development  games are Hard
Disk friendly.

When you save the  high scores, the game
will create a file named "PAINTER.SAV".

When you save  the preferences sub-menu,
the  game  will  create   a  file  named

This game was originally Shareware, 
but is now PD. So enjoy all 100
levels of mayhem!!

To Contact us, our address is :

        Sinister Developments Ltd
        17 Hamilton Drive
        EH15 1NP


Other Sinister Developments are :

        Asteroids (Colour and Mono)
        Space Invaders

        Many Thanks
        Gordon Gibson
        Sinister Developments Ltd

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