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Screenshots - Neurobotics

Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot
Neurobotics atari screenshot

Information - Neurobotics

GenreArcade - Platformer (Scrolling)Year1996
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1DeveloperEARchaeopteryx Software
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

Van der Meer, Pieter [Earx]

Graphic Artist(s)

Van der Meer, Pieter [Earx]

Game design

Van der Meer, Pieter [Earx]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Van der Meer, Pieter [Earx]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Van der Meer, Pieter [Earx]

Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
Dumpdownload atari Neurobotics Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Neurobotics

            /ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ>            ^            --------\
            |ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ            / \           ||       \
            |                       /   \          ||        |
            |                      /_   _\         ||________|
            >======>              /-------\        >=========/
            |                    /ÿÿ     ÿÿ\       ||ÿÿÿÿ\\
            |                   /           \      ||     \\
            |____________      /__         __\     ||      \\
            \____________>    |___>       <___|    ||       ||


                    P    R    E    S    E    N    T    S

                            N E U R O B O T I X

COPYRIGHT  1996 Pieter van der Meer

Yep! This is it! The full shareware-version of my first Falcon030 game.
It is not restricted in any way. This is a full game! Spread this game to as
many Falcon-users as you know. If you like this game and play it frequently
I would like you to send me a donation. Something like œ5 or 10DM is quite
reasonable. Don't send cheques please, I only accept papermoney. In return
you'll get a newsletter from me and some Falcon-demo-FX. Remember to give
your address and stuff too!
   I have worked about two years to complete this game and I would like some
response and a bit of money to buy new soft- and hardware with. I got plenty
of kicks from coding this game, but I think I need more. I need your
REGISTRATIONS!!! It would be nice if I got more than 15 registrations. You
know it is fair to register. If I don't get enough registrations people will
only laugh at me and I will surely stop making quality shareware for the
Falcon. It all depends on YOU!!!
   When you decide to register you can:
    - suggest bugfixes which I will then implement.
    - suggest ideas for new games/demos/proggies.
You will also get a disk with stuff as stated above.

Enough said about shareware and on with the normal stuff... 
This game will only work on a:
   - 4 MB OR MORE
   - A RGB- OR VGA-MONITOR (TV works too if it can handle 60 Hz!)

If you have a ST or TT this game will simply return to the desktop. If you
have a B/W-monitor hooked up to your Falcon030 the same will happen.
   NEUROBOTIX is a high-tech platformer. You control the weird looking robot
in the middle of the screen. Your objective is to reach the end of each
level with losing as little energy as possible. There also are a load of
nasty robo-idiots in the level that like to shoot at you and take your
precious energy.
   Some enemy-droids are pretty lame and slow and therefore are pretty easy
to kill. Others however are much more aggressive, impulsive and even a bit
smart. Sometimes you will need all your wits to get past the robots spread
throughout the levels. In the first levels you will only be confronted with
lame drones and only a few slow tanks. The later levels contain much more
robo-scum, though. But I'm not telling you about them. You will just have to
find out yourself.
   I think you all know what this game is all about. It's about you blasting
the hell out of everything that moves. Well, it's not as simple as that,
because there are loads of weapons to pick up and you also have to do a lot
searching to reach the exit. Sometimes it's not about YOU killing enemies
either. It's more about THEM kicking your ass.
   Well I think you get the idea, but first you need to know the function
of some keys.....

1 to 8-keys : Select your weapon type. As you can see there are 8 types. 
P-key       : Pause the game. Pressing it again will unpause.
Esc-key     : Quit the current game. (This is quite unforgiving!)

You control your robo (NEUROBOT(cool name, eh?)) by using the joystick. The
powerpad is not supported (maybe next time). You can walk, jump and shoot.
Up causes you to jump. Left and right causes you to walk (or to control your
jump). Fire causes you to fire the current weapon. All the weapons DON'T
have unlimited ammo. You will have to collect bonusses to reload your ammo.
The weapons are problably the best thing about NEUROBOTIX. you will need
skills to use them efficiently...
   Some weapons fire in a straight line, some explode and some are even a
bit smart. I'm not telling you more, because that would spoil it for you.
N.B. You can't change your selected weapon when using the joystick. Simply
stand still and then use the keys!
   When you pick up ammo, you should keep in mind that that when you are
fully loaded the picked up stuff will be lost! It's impotant to know that
some bonnuses have an instant effect too!
   Inbetween completing levels you are confronted with a screen that shows
you how you performed. Some comments on your actions will be given here.
You also have the option to save your current status and level here.
Simply choose this option and type in the name of the savegame. The game
will than be saved.
   The game also features a intro and a menu with nice music. The intro is
accessed by executing INTRO.PRG. After you watched it you can press space
to go back to the desktop. NGAME.PRG is the game itself including the menu.
By using the menu you can start the game or restore a saved-game the same
way as you can save a game. (More details stated below.)
   As I said you must find the exit in each level. Exits are indicated by
their black and yellow stripes. Just enter one and push the joystick down.
Some exits are not exits at all, though, these are teleporters. They take
you to another part of the level. They are used in the same way as exits.
Often nice parts of the levels are accessed by teleporters.
   Everytime you exit a level you can save your current position to a
saving-slot by using the functionkeys(F1 to F3). Unfortunately you can't
give your savegame a name, but this way it is faster and easier.

Well, you can send your registrations to the following address:

Pieter van der Meer
Bereklauw 1
4102 KZ Culemborg

People, if you want to ask something or just have a chat about computers you
can always contact me at this address. By the way: does someone want to team
up with me. I'd like to create loads of cool demo's and/or games. If you're
an Atari-freak and live in Holland don't hesitate to write. People who just
like my game and would like to give a me a bigger donation than the 5 quid,
please send me a can of beer. You will get my eternal gratitude.
   Yeah, that sounds nice. Maybe my next game will be BEERWARE!!!! yEaH!!
I love beer, you know. You can do all sorts of things with it. You can drink
it and if you drink too much beer you can puke it. You can use beer as a
diuretic (It makes you pee like an elephant!!). You can use beer as a
hair-gel. The beer-bottles can be used for molotov-coctails and broken ones
can be used as assaultweapons.
   Let's get on with some more sensible things, shall we. I like coding for
the Atari. It's comfortable and powerful. I like coding demo-FX best. Games
are nice to code too, but they require so much comitment and long work that
I simply need more than the kick provided by coding. I need your reactions!
Right now I feel like nobody understands why I'm coding games for the
Falcon. If nobody reacts I will surely stop this "nonsence". Please don't
let this happen. YOU, the Falcon-owners, will probably find what I'm doing
useful. With your reactions I can continue. Please register....
   Enough idealistic chat for now... I'm currently working on a high quality
RPG for the Falcon. Some routines have already been coded and some graphics
have been drawn too. It will be better than ISHAR. I can assure you! This
automaticly means that it will be a cosmic amount of work too. I'm still
open to your reactions, though. If you'd like me to code somekind of game,
just say so.
   At the moment I'm still doing my education. It will take 4 years for me
to finish it and only then can I fully concentrate on coding and designing
stuff. I have many ideas for games and demos. So many in fact that it's like
my head almost exploding. To avoid this I need to code something every week.
Mostly these are only a few routines. If only I could find a way to use this
urge to code more effectively. Then I would surely create very cool stuff.
   But whatever the case Me aNd My aSsEmBLeR BE ReAdY!!! Ofcourse my little
sister will create a few graphics for my next game. THEY WILL BE EYE-POPPING
!!!! Just wait and see....



signed, EARchaeopteryx software.
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