MUDS - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport

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Comments (3)
penguin - 19/03/2017
Interestingly, the game was reviewed by a German ST magazine, ST-Computer ( The article doesn't mention anything specific about the ST version and the author was known for writing lots of reviews of Amiga and ST games so it's not clear whether he really had the Atari one.
Shw - 25/03/2013
Music now in Sndh archive
Showaddywaddy - 30/10/2011
Yeah.. never released on the ST, though I do have some work on this sent by the developers :)

Sounds cool! Any chance to release that stuff?

Atarimania ST Team

Information - MUDS - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport

GenreSports - MiscellaneousYear1990
Language[unknown]PublisherRainbow Arts
ControlsJoystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1 vs. 2, 1Developer?
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Siegmund, Gisbert

Graphic Artist(s)

Nieder-Gassel, Hartwig

Game design

Marohn, Volker / Weidemann, Teut
Nieder-Gassel, Hartwig / Ahrens, Holger

Box / Instructions

Hippel, Jochen [Mad Max]

Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 0.5MB
DumpMISSINGNumber of Disks? / ?

Additional Comments - MUDS - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport

Advertised in 1990 by Rainbow Arts but probably never released. If you're a developer of this game please contact us!

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MUDS - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport Atari ad MUDS - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport Atari ad 

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The game was probably axed on a very late stage of development as the loading instructions exists on the original game manual. It was also advertised and even rewieved in german ST-Computer magazine issue 10/1991. Various users around the forums report that the game has been never seen in any shops, Ebay or other websites.

Supposedly some part of the development stuff was released for private use, but to this date we haven't seen any evidence of it's existence except the music tracks.

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