Men at War

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Screenshots - Men at War

Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot
Men at War atari screenshot

Information - Men at War

GenreShoot'em Up! - DuelYear
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisher[no publisher]
ControlsJagpad, Joystick, KeyboardDistributor-
Players1, 1 vs. 2DeveloperBonus Software
ResolutionVGA / RGBLicensed from-

De Vries, Alexander [BoNuS] / De Boer, Marco [OTM]

Graphic Artist(s)

De Vries, Alexander [BoNuS]

Game design

De Vries, Alexander [BoNuS]

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Nilsson, Anders [Toodeloo]

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

De Vries, Alexander [BoNuS]

Cover Artist(s)ST Type? / 4MB
MIDIVersion[preview final]
Dumpdownload atari Men at War Download / Zip-packed folderNumber of Disks? / ? / HD Installable

Instructions - Men at War

           ____   _____  ___     _____ _____  __     _____ _____
          / /\/\ / /__  / / \/  / /__// /    / /   // /__// /__/  
         /_/   //_/___ /_/  /  /_/  //_/    /_/_/\//_/  //_/  \
       		    ____ _ _ ____ _ _ ____ _ _      
		   \___   __\___  |  \___     \ \   
 		     //   ___!//  |   \//  |   \ \  
		    //     \///   !   //   |    \/  
		    \______/ \________\____!____/   
		     \___ _ _ \___ _ _ \___ _ _ md  

                           .oO The Game Oo.
* WARNING   WARNING    WARING                                        * 
* This version is the LAST PREVIEW.                                  *      *
* It works for 10 minuts each game, then it stops (it doesn't crash.)*


- Credits.
- The story sofar...
- Helpfull hints, tips and manual.
- Main menu
- Options
- Ingame
- Extras
- Controls
- Address

-/ Credits \---!------------------------------------------------------
Game Idea      ! Bonus and a bit of Atari VCS 2600 tanks original.
GFA Coding     ! Bonus            (95% of the game is GFA !!!!!)
ASM Coding     ! OTM              (Faster sprite rout and bullets)
DSP Replay rout! Bitmaster of TCE (Great 4 chan music,4 chan samples)
GFX            ! Bonus            (Degas Elite, Crackart, Font FX(PC))
Music          ! Toodeloo of DHS  (Many THX for that !!!!)
Samples        ! Bonus
Beta testing   ! Earx, OTM, Wingleader,Grey, D-Force, Cardassian Spy
Ideas,Mail     ! Sebastian Scheerans (lost contact with you !!!!)
 Tips and      !       D-Force (also for making music)
moral support  ! EVL (positieve support and spreading the preview)
               !       Cardassian Spy (Support, ideas)
               !    The Paranoid (for the review on your page)
               !             Deez (bug report)
               !           Vido (Moral support)
               !      MC Laser .tSCc.( Music support )
               ! Stefan (16) from Germany ( for loads of ideas !!!)
               !    Maggie team (for good review in maggie #26)
               !     and all that I might have forgotten sofar...
               \_____________________________________________ ___ __ _

-/ The story sofar... \-----------------------------------------------
In the near future great wars will be banned from the face of the 
earth. After years of war men finaly concluded that the suffering is 
too great and steps will be taken to prefend this from happening 
again. So a old kind of warfare is introduced, the men against men 
battle. Although is doesn't seem that old,it is for mankind again. The 
two parties that want to fight over an issue will have to enter the 
arena themselves. Not with mighty armies or missle launchers. Only 
a standaard weapon is given to them in a arena filled with danger. The 
one that can survive that will win the fight. This will safe millions 
of lives and is much cheaper. 

To prefend that a fight will take days drones or bombs are also 
released into the arena. They will haunt the players so that they will 
move through the area and surge for each other.  

-/ Helpfull hints, tips and manual \---------------------------------- 

This is also the beta release of the manual !!!!!!!

-/ Main Menu \--------------------------------------------------------

Use in the main menu the cursor keys and space bar to select an 
option. Use left and right cursor key to select maze/arena of module 
music. During the playing you can press ESC to go back to the main 
menu. Pressing ESC in the main menu exits the game.

-/ Options \----------------------------------------------------------

Rebouncing Bullets : This is one of the new features of the game which I
                     like the most. What does it do ??? It makes the 
                     bullets bounce against the walls and other objects
                     in its path. The gives the bullet a rather strange
                     path as it bounces through the playfield. Try it and
                     you will love it. Try also with different range and
                     number of bullets !!!
Number of bullets:   You can choose between 1 and 5 bullets to shoot. By
                     pressing the fire or spacebar the number of bullets
                     will increase until it reaches the top. Pressing once
                     more will result in going back to 1. N.B. using just
                     1 bullet a player will make things rather difficult 
                     but funny.
Sound FX           : You can turn them ON/OFF by using the fire button or
                     press the spacebar.
Int. Speaker       : You can turn it ON/OFF by using the fire button or
                     the spacebar. Personaly I prefer it OFF and use the 
                     phonejack to the connect it to my stereo and enjoy 
                     the SFX.
Module music       : Again turn it on off with fire button or spacebar.
                     (There will be more modules to choose from in the 
                     final version !!!)

-/ Ingame \-----------------------------------------------------------

Brown walls just stop you...          \
Green plants also stop...              \
Bleu objects bounce you back...         > Nice to know before you start !
Orange/Red objects/walls kill you...   /

Drones or bombs also kill you but you can shoot them to. After a while 
they will be reborn though !!! There are also some extra to be found 
to make things more difficult...

-/ Extras \-----------------------------------------------------------

At random bonus objects can appear like:

-S- 		    : Double speed.  Walk twice as hard as your 
                      opponent or in other words walk as fast a your 
                      bullets fly. Sounds great but also a bit harder 
                      to control....
-A-                 : Armour. This protects you against the bullets of 
                      your opponent. But thats it, not against doors 
                      or drones/bombs or even by collition with your 
                      opponent. Rememeber that. You can see if your 
                      armour is still active by the color of your men. 
                      He turns grey.
-C-                  :Cloaked. Your men goes invisible, can shoot 
-H-                  :Halt. Stops your opponent from moving for a 
                      while but he can still shoot !!!!
-X-                  :Jammed weapon. This bonus jams your opponents 
                      weapon so he/she can't shoot for a while. 

 and thats it for the bonus objects....                      
-/ Controls \--------------------------------------------------------                    	

Player 1 Keyboard controls                Player 2 Keyboard controls    
( numeric keys )

  7  8  9  = FIRE                    Q  W  E    =FIRE
   \ ! /                                     \ ! /
  4-   -6                                   A-   -D
   / ! \                                     / ! \
  1  2  3                                   Z  X  C
Player 1 Joystick control                 Player 2 Joystick control

Use port 0                                Use port 1

Player 1 Paddle control                   Player 2 Paddle control

Use port 0	                          This option is not avaiable 

-/ Address \-----------------------------------------------------------

       Men at War is a FUN production made by Bonus Software                

Alexander "Bonus" de Vries   (FUN homepage)
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