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Screenshots - Klaverjassen

Klaverjassen atari screenshot
Klaverjassen atari screenshot
Klaverjassen atari screenshot

Information - Klaverjassen

GenreCards - MiscellaneousYear1992
LanguageCompiled CPublisher[no publisher]
Players1, 1 vs. 2Developer[n/a]
ResolutionLow / HighLicensed from-

Berger, Jeroen

Graphic Artist(s)

Van Dyk, Peter

Game design

Berger, Jeroen

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Klaverjassen Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Klaverjassen

          Klaverjassen Version 3.1              Oktober 1992

Congratulations with capturing a copy of this public domain game of
cards program. It was originaly written on an Atari ST computer in
the language C.

It is a typical Dutch game but there are also world championships so
if you don't come from Holland you still may know this game. If you don't
it still is a nice game to learn!

At this time there are three variants:

a : for  Atari   high   resolution monitor (the original program in GEM)
b1: for  Atari  medium  resolution monitor (the adjusted program in BGI)

b2: for  MS-Dos for all monitors           (the adjusted program in BGI)

To run the program you need at least 4 files:
a: ( for Atari )
   JASSE31A.PRG       : The program itself
    KLAVERA.RSC       : The resource file
    KLAVERA.GPH       : The graphics
     KLAVER.INS       : The Setup
b1: ( for Atari )
   JASSE31B.PRG       : The program itself
    KLAVERB.RSC       : The resource file
    KLAVERB.GPH       : The graphics
     KLAVER.INS       : The setup
b2: ( For MS-Dos )
   JASSE31B.EXE       : The program itself
    KLAVERB.RSC       : The resource
    KLAVERB.GPH       : The graphics
     KLAVER.INS       : The setup

The original game was developed by Jeroen Berger
and Graphics & GEM by Peter van Dijk in a special learningful cooperation:
Peter cannot play the game (yet) and on the start of the project I
couldn't program in the C language.
Later I have rewritten the graphical part so that the program can be
run on low resolution monitors for Atari and even on MS-Dos. I have
experienced that the amount of memory can be to low if the program
is run on a high resolution monitor. If an errormessage appears you
can try to lower the resolution.

If you know the game it will be easy to play this program. If you don't
it will be beyond the scope of this note to explain it. Sorry!
You can either use the mouse or the keyboard. (only for Atari)

It is possible to play against another computer after activating the
network option. Therefore it is necessary to connect both computers by
a null-modem cable. You can also connect an Atari and a MS-Dos computer.
For MS-Dos computers you must use comport 1.
At this time it is not yet possible to play a game on the telephone line.
Perhaps in a later Version.

I hereby thank the TU-Delft crew for testing the early versions and
in special Ron Vleugel for giving a bug-report.

This program may be copied and distributed freely ( please do! )
provided it is not modified and this documentation is included along with
the four program files.

If you have any comments, suggestions or bug-reports please drop a note on
one of the following adresses:
E-mail  : berger@dutera.et.tudelft.nl
Fidonet : 2:280/301.7  (Jeroen Berger)

or just old fashioned:
Jeroen Berger
Kerkhoflaan 39
1161 JA  Zwanenburg

I hope you will enjoy this program.

Jeroen Berger.
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