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llama - 20/10/2022
I got this free on a coverdisk, it's a complicated and confusing game when you don't have a manual and I'm not sure I ever really figured out what I was doing as a kid. For 1989 it had incredibly smooth 3D graphics, most games from that era chugged along at 3-5fps and we accepted it at the time, but Interphase probably ran closer to 15-20fps and it felt SO smooth at the time. I just looked up a video of someone playing it on YouTube and yes its definitely not 60fps but it's still playably smooth by today's standards
Atari A to Z (Pete Davison) - 03/07/2022
Ever wake up from a really great dream only to discover that a malevolent supercorporation has injected it with a bunch of malicious subliminal messaging? God, I hate it when that happens. Join Chad and his girlfriend Kaf-E in the unusual "cyberspace" game Interphase as they attempt to show the Dreamtrack Corporation what for. Let's Play!

Information - Interphase

GenreShoot'em Up! - 3-DYear1991
LanguageMachine LanguagePublisherMirrorsoft
Players1DeveloperAssembly Line (The)
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Stephens, Adrian

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Coleman, Mark / Emmett, Danny

Game design

Knight, Simon / Lester, Dean

Box / Instructions


Sound FX


Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe, TT / 0.5MB
DumpMISSINGNumber of Disks? / ?

Additional Comments - Interphase

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Article - Interphase


Interphase Article Interphase Article

Interphase Article Interphase Article Interphase Article

Tips - Interphase

The One Players Guide

Interphase Tips Interphase Tips Interphase Tips Interphase Tips

Interphase Tips

Interphase Tips

Trivia - Interphase

In early phases of the development this game was called "Mainframe" (Ace issue 12, ST Amiga Format issue 3)

Interphase Trivia Interphase Trivia

Features digitized title soundtrack at 8KHz
Features digitized sound fx at 4KHz

Features up to 20 colours on-screen simultaneously (introduction screen)
Features up to 28 colours on-screen simultaneously (in-game)

Book / Magazine Reviews - Interphase

 ST Format · November, 1989Rating: 93% 

Interphase Atari review Interphase Atari review 

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