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Screenshots - Hangman

Hangman atari screenshot
Hangman atari screenshot
Hangman atari screenshot
Hangman atari screenshot
Hangman atari screenshot
Hangman atari screenshot

Information - Hangman

GenreBrain - Hangman / Word GameYear1991
LanguageGFA BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionMediumLicensed from-

Bickerstaffe, Iain [Ganymir The Traveller]

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Bickerstaffe, Iain [Ganymir The Traveller]

Game design

Bickerstaffe, Iain [Ganymir The Traveller]

Box / InstructionsEnglish


Sound FX

Bickerstaffe, Iain [Ganymir The Traveller]

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Hangman Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Hangman

                         HANGMAN V2.0 for Atari ST
                                 Written By
                              I.R Bickerstaffe
                        (aka Ganymir the Traveller)

1) A History Lesson.

  This program is based on VM/CMS HANGMAN V2.3 which was originally written
in 1989 by myself on an IBM 3090 mainframe using REXX. The original version,
also known as the 'program they said couldn't be done' due to the fact it
allowed a two player simultaneous challenge game on a system that doesn't
normally allow two people to have read/write access to a disk at the same
time, was a purely text based program.
 V1.0 of this program was an exact copy of the CMS version that I wrote as
a counterattack to all the clones of Unix games ( Rogue, Larn, greed etc)
appearing in PD archives. The plan was that it could be easily used with a
shell such as Gulam.
 This version is a graphical update of that. The idea remains the same but
many of the options are now mouse controlled and the program now shows how
badly you are doing with a picture. Most of the core code is still the same
and users of the earlier version and CMS version will recognize many aspects.

2) Files.		

  On your disk you should have the following files:-

Hangman2.prg - In the root directory.
Hangman.pi2 - Also in the root directory.

A folder named Hangman2 containing:

Random.dic    -  Random words from the Oxford English Dictionary.
Nature.dic    -  The Natural world.
Film.dic      -  Film titles.
Geograph.dic  -  Geographical terms plus place names.
Ancient.dic   -  People and places from ancient times, myth and legend.
Famous.dic    -  Famous people from past to present.

3) Playing the game.

  Double click on Hangman2.prg and wait for the title screen to load then 
press space. An alert box with version number etc will appear so hit the
 key to get to the game proper.
  You will then be asked what kind of game you require, Continuous scoring,
single session scoring or first ever game.
 If it is the first ever game you have played, choose F as this sets up a
score file for later games. Choosing continuous scoring reads in a score
file and allows large scores to be built up as well as presenting average
scoring per game. If you don't want your scores saved out when you quit
select single session scoring.

 Next you will be presented with a fileselector box with the names of the
available dictionaries in it. Select the dictionary you want to use by
clicking on it then click on OK to load it.

 You should now be at the main play screen. Enter the letter you want at the
prompt at the bottom left of the screen. The usual rules of hangman apply,
if it's in the word your score is incremented, if it's not then a piece is
added to the gallows. If you think you know the entire word at any point
then type it in, if it's right then you get extra points if not, the obvious

  If you are hung or guess the word there will be a brief pause and then
the gallows box will be replaced with three mouse boxes. These allow you to
make various choices. Click the left mouse button on the box of your choice.

 NEW WORD - Selects a new word for you to guess.
 DICTIONARY - Allows you to select a new dictionary to choose words from.
 QUIT OPTIONS - Selects two further mouse boxes:-
                 QUIT AND RESET SCORE TO 0 - Resets score file to 0 then 
                                             exits the program.
                 QUIT - Saves score files if you have chosen continuous
                        scoring, makes a backup (scores.bak) of the previous
                        score file and exits the program.

4) PD Information etc.

  The main program and the initial six dictionaries are all public domain so
feel free to distribute them to friends etc. However, at this point many
people ask for $5 for their time and effort, all I am going to ask is that if
you enjoy the game then write to me and let me know so that I might be 
encouraged to write more PD software. I might not be able to reply but your
support will be appreciated.

   Write to:            I.R Bickerstaffe
                          98a Cotham Brow
                                BS6 6AP


   I take no responsibility for damage either physical, mental or mechanical
caused by misuse of this program. It is up to the user to use this in the 
way it was intended and not to make any unauthorised changes to it's coding
that may result in damage.

6) The Sir Richard bit.

Thanks to:- Dave and Mike for testing the original CMS version, Richard for
            testing it on the STE, Matt for compiling it, Sarah for moral
            support, Runrig, Clannad, De Danaan and Christy Moore for 
            providing the background music that kept me sane while I was
            writing it, GFA for the BASIC and everyone who plays the game.

Hi's to:- All the above plus Greg (fizz), Andrew (TMM), Dunc (Slarti),
          David (psycho), Simon (TDA), Laura (Babybear), Ken (edi) and all
          the other folks on cs.tardis, all the gang at Child Health and
          epidemiology, Taz the spiv, Larry Roux, Lisa, gaelic musicians
          everywhere and the players of games.

| Ganymir the Traveller - A Player, a nomad, a poet, a storyteller, a seeker |
|                         of knowledge, a friend of the sword.               |
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