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Screenshots - Give us a Break +

Give us a Break + atari screenshot
Give us a Break + atari screenshot
Give us a Break + atari screenshot
Give us a Break + atari screenshot

Information - Give us a Break +

GenreBrain - Trivia / QuizYear1989
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Hammond, Stephen

CountryUnited Kingdom
Graphic Artist(s)

Hammond, Stephen

Game design

Hammond, Stephen

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Hammond, Stephen

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Give us a Break + Download / STNumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Give us a Break +

         Give Us A Break +

To load: Double click on the 
GBPLUS.PRG icon. Ignore the prompt
to insert the question disc and
just press Space instead.

To play: Point to the correct answer
and press a mouse key. To choose a
colour, press the right mouse button
until the pointer has moved to the
appropriate ball, then press the left
mouse button.
When offered a Black Ball Challenge,
press the left button to accept, or 
the right button to decline. If you
accept, you must answer the question
that follows to advance the cash
pointer, otherwise it moves back.
Your cash level is printed black for
positive amounts and red for negative

To quit and return to GEM: Hold down
'Control' and press 'C'.

The questions: Unlike GB version 1, 
the questions are now held on three
sequential files which are accessed
every few minutes. Therefore you must
keep the disc containing the questions
in the drive during play.
Extra question files, of a similar
size to the files on this disc, are
available for the cheerful price of
œ2.50 (cheques only) from;
    Stephen Hammond,
     10 Torr Rise,
        CW6 OUD

To add your own questions: You can
use any word processor or text
editor that accepts lines of more
that 80 characters.
When entering questions bear the
following points in mind;

* The file TEST.SEQ holds easy 
questions, TEST2.SEQ holds medium
questions, and TEST3.SEQ holds the
hard questions.
* The questions MUST be entered in
this order: Question, Correct Answer,
Alternative, Alternative, Alternative.
* All questions and answers must be 
separated by a  only.
* Questions must not be longer than
100 characters and answers not longer
than 19 characters.
* Ensure that any blank lines or other
characters added to the end of the
question files are deleted.

You can use a separate disc for the 
questions; it should be inserted at
the prompt during loading. There is
room for about 6000 questions on
a double sided disc, but you will
undoubtedly go mad before you manage
to put in that many.

                     SJH  July 1989
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