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Screenshots - Ghost Mine

Ghost Mine atari screenshot
Ghost Mine atari screenshot
Ghost Mine atari screenshot
Ghost Mine atari screenshot

Information - Ghost Mine

GenreShoot'em Up! - MiscellaneousYear1990
LanguageSTOS BASICPublisher[no publisher]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Baggetta, Albert

Graphic Artist(s)

Baggetta, Albert

Game design

Baggetta, Albert

Box / InstructionsEnglish

Baggetta, Albert

LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Baggetta, Albert

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Ghost Mine Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Double-Sided

Instructions - Ghost Mine

Ghost Mine
By Albert Baggetta

(Shareware Game 1990)

     "Ghost Mine" is my first game in STOS.  I wrote it with the 
hopes of becoming familiar with the basic power of STOS BASIC. 

     Production in the fruitful alabaster mines of Septeebo have 
been brought to a screeching halt.  It seems that during 
excavation in the lower pit of the mine an ancient tomb was 
ruptured releasing a deadly mirror ghost and a fleet of spider 
guards.  The combination has made it impossible for miners to once 
again work the catacombs for precious jewels.  

     You, the bravest miner of the lot, have volunteered to drop 
into the mine with a special vaporizing weapon.  If you can 
vaporize all of the spiders before your energy supply runs out the 
mirror ghost will be destroyed and the mines can again reopen.

     A word about the mirror ghost.  It is really only one demon, 
but it sends out an image in front of it, on the other side of its 
prey.  Both the image and the ghost close in on its target, hoping 
to embrace it in a deadly gnawing feast.  If you are caught in the 
middle the flesh is flayed from your body, leaving only a limp 
skeleton hanging from the mine's ladder.  If you are fast enough 
you might be able to maneuver up or down the ladder, avoiding the 
razor sharp teeth of the ghost and its reflection.

     As you work to destroy all of the spider guards that keep 
appearing in the mine's tunnels, your energy is used up.  Your 
friends up above work furiously to get you more energy.  
Unfortunately they are only able to supply you with one extra 
energy pod that hangs precariously from the rope ladder in the 
mine.  You may use this pod only once to replenish your power.  
Hopefully you will have enough strength to last the fight.

                  GHOST MINE --  GAME PLAY

     "Ghost Mine" is a low resolution game.  You must boot up your 
computer in LOW RESOLUTION for the game to work and end properly.  
On boot you will be presented with a title screen and a musical 
background.  Select a ard or asy game by pressing either 
of the respective letters.  You will need a joystick, plugged 
into port #1 to play the game.

     You will drop down the rope ladder to the floor of the mine.  
A spider guard will appear somewhere in one of the mine shafts and 
the mirror ghost will hone in on you from the start.  Move your 
man up or down the ladder by pressing the joystick forward or 
back, which ever is called for at the moment.

     Line up with a spider guard and press the joystick left or 
right to fire your weapon.  Some spider guards are stronger than 
others, so you might have to fire several times before you score a 
hit.  Do not hold the fire stick because the projectiles will keep 
repeating, not going very far.  Just push the stick and wait for 
contact to be made.  Sometimes, at close range, holding the stick 
in the fire position is effective.

     Be sure to keep an eye on the mirror ghost, because he always 
knows where you are and will set on your path as soon as he 
travels a shaft in the mine.  Also keep an eye on your energy.  As 
it gets near the end you will want to replenish it.  Remember, you 
can only do this once.  

     To replenish your energy, move up to the E pod, when it 
appears.  Then, while on the pod, hold the fire button in.  Your 
energy will be restored to full (100) when this process is 
completed.  After this you must work fast.  Even though the pod 
remains, it is drained of all its force.

     If you selected the ard option at the beginning, you will 
have to defeat 20 spider guards.  If you selected asy you will 
only have to take on 10 spider guards.  The indicator at the top 
of the screen tells how many spider guards are left to get.  

     Either way, win or lose, you will be brought to a final 
screen which tells you of your success or failure.  You will then 
be given the option to play again or end.

            Ghost Mine -- Tips

1. Take the Easy game if you are new at playing.

2. To gain time, set your man in a tunnel above or below a spider
   guard until the mirror ghost appears, then move to the spider's
   tunnel.  This distracts the ghost and gives you time to shoot
   at the guard.

3. Save your energy.  Wait until the meter gets as slow as 
   possible before going for a refill.

This game is offered as shareware so if you would like to make
a donation $5.00 to sponsor further work on the ST, send it to:

A. Baggetta
P.O. Box 351
Feeding Hills, MA  01030

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