Galactic Empires

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Screenshots - Galactic Empires

Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot
Galactic Empires atari screenshot

Information - Galactic Empires

GenreStrategy - WargameYear1989
LanguageCompiled CPublisher[no publisher]
ControlsMouseDistributorO-Mayer V BBS
Players2+, 1Developer[n/a]
ResolutionLowLicensed from-

Jung, Robert

Graphic Artist(s)

Jung, Robert

Game design

Jung, Robert / Junior, Otto

Box / InstructionsEnglish


LicensePD / Freeware / Shareware
Sound FX

Jung, Robert

Cover Artist(s)ST TypeST, STe / 0.5MB
Dumpdownload atari Galactic Empires Download / MSANumber of Disks1 / Single Sided

Instructions - Galactic Empires

  Copyright 1989 by Robert Jung. All rights reserved.

  This program is PUBLIC-DOMAIN. This program can be copied and distributed
freely, provided that the files GE.PRG, GE.RSC, GE_1.DAT, GE_2.DAT, and GE.DOC
are bundled together, and unmodified from their original form.

      Documentation for              === GALACTIC EMPIRES ===

  This is the era of the New Empire!

  As prophesised by the sages, a bold leader shall rise and forge the disjoint
planets of the galaxy into a GALACTIC EMPIRE!

  YOU are our wise lord! Our forces stand assembled, at your beck and call!
With your divine wisdom leading us, the TRUE union of the planets shall be

        [=] THE GAME [=]

  In Galactic Empires, you are the bold leader of a sole planet, one of many in
the universe. But with your leadership, a vast unified empire can be formed,
placing all under YOUR rule!

  In your way, however, are the usurpers: Other players, human or computer,
who wish to try and forge empires of their own, and challenge your rule. Only
by defeating them all can you prove your reign supreme!


  All you need to play Galactic Empires is a color Atari ST system, in low
resolution. Up to 7 people can play at once, and you may choose computer
opponents as well. Everything is handled with the mouse. The accompanying files
GE.RSC, GE_1.DAT, and GE_2.DAT must also be in the same folder/directory as
GE.PRG to work.

  After GE.PRG is loaded, you can play. Desk accessories are disabled when
Galactic Empires is running, but are otherwise unaffected.

  To select a new game, simply move the mouse over to the FILE menu, and click
on "New Game". Then answer the dialogs about how many people are playing, what
their names are, and whether they are to be computer-controlled or not.

  After that, the game begins, and the galaxy awaits!


  A map of the galaxy, with its various solar systems and planets, will
always be shown. Planets are highlighted in the color of the player who owns
them; Grey planets are unclaimed, and will remain so until they are conquered
by you.

  Play progresses in order, from one player to another, one turn at a time. A
player's turn consists of placing new squadrons, attacking other planets, and
moving squadrons around. A turn lasts until you decree it's over.

        [=] NEW SQUADRONS [=]

  On the start of your turn, more squadrons will join your forces. The exact
number depends on the size of your empire, and how many solar systems you own.
You must place all of these squads before you can continue; Simply left-click
on a planet with the mouse, then choose the number of squadrons to put there.

  Squadrons are only gained at the start of a turn, and can only be lost in
combat with enemies. A planet can carry no more than 150 squadrons, and must
always have at least one.

        [=] INSPECTING PLANETS [=]

  You may inspect ANY planet you wish at the touch of a finger, milord.
Merely position the mouse pointer on the desired planet, and press the RIGHT
mouse button. The forces present and their commander shall be yours to know

        [=] ATTACKING OTHERS [=]

  When you desire to engage in war, it shall be done! An attack consists of
sending squadrons from one of your planets over to an opposing planet, and
battling the squadronds present there.

  To order an attack, place the mouse pointer on the planet you own, which
you want to attack from. With the LEFT mouse button, DRAG the planet over to
the desired target, then release the button. You may then specify the number of
squadrons to attack with, or cancel the order.

  BUT BE CAREFUL! Because surprise is of the essence in war, our squadrons
will fly through hyperspace at a reckless speed. If the distance is great, we
may lose some squadrons in the warp. If the entire squadron is lost, the
attack will be abandoned.

  If the attack commences, you will be informed of the progress down to the
last ship! There is no retreat or surrender; A fight continues until everyone
on one side is killed.

  Whatever the result, you shall be informed of it, including the owner of
the disputed planet and the number of squadrons present.


  When you are done with all the attacks you want to perform, you might want
to move some squadrons from one of your planets to another. This is OPTIONAL.

  If you wish to move squadrons, simply position the mouse on the source
planet, and drag it over to the planet you want to move them to. If you're
absolutely sure of your command, you can then choose the number of squadrons to

  If you want to end your turn without moving any squadrons, select the
COMMANDS menu, and click on "End Your Turn".

        [=] COMPUTER OPPONENTS [=]

  If some of your opponents are computer players (selectable when everybody's
names are entered), they will take their own turn when it's time. Control
returns back to you and the other human players when the computer's turn is

  If all of the players are computer-controlled, the game will continue
NON-STOP, until one of them wins (this makes for a neat demo mode, too).


  You can save your current Galactic Empires game at any time. Simply select
the "Save Game" entry under the FILE menu, and choose the filename to save the
game under. After the game's saved, your conquests can continue.

  A saved game can be loaded in at any time, with the "Load Game" entry. THIS
okay, then play continues where you left off.

        [=] CHANGING COLORS [=]

  If you (or any other player) are dissatisfied with the color assigned to
you, feel free to change it at any time! Simply select the person to change at
the COLORS menu, then choose the new color desired. The colors will be swapped

        [=] WINNING AND LOSING [=]

  Play continues in Galactic Empires until one player can conquer all of the
planets, and unite them under his rule. Hopefully, that will be you!

        [=] STRATEGIES [=]

  STACK THE DECK. It's not "fair" to fight 5-to-1. But you're a mighty
leader, so CRUSH them all! If you've got the squadrons to overwhelm your
opposition, why not?

  INSPECT OFTEN. Only with complete knowledge can your genius form a winning
plan! There's no limit to how much information you can get, so indulge!

  CAPTURE SOLAR SYSTEMS. More troops join us if complete systems are held,
instead of scattered planets. More men mean more conquests!

        [=] WHO'S RESPONSIBLE? [=]

  For feedback, comments, questions, answers, or anything else, write

            Robert Jung
            740 South Orange Drive
            Los Angeles, California  90036      USA

  Or (even better!), you can call

            The O-MAYER V BBS
            (213) 732-0229            Los Angeles, CA (PC-Pursuit-able!)
            24 hours      1200-2400 baud
            Files for the Atari ST, Atari XE, Macintosh, and IBM!
            Discussions on anything under the sun!

        [=] CREDITS [=]      GALACTIC EMPIRES

  Based on a game originally written by Otto Junior

  Atari ST Design and Coding by Robert Jung
          Compiled with Megamax's Laser C v.2.00

  Graphics produced with Epyx's _Art & Film Director_
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